Western Europe in August

Hey, I'm 21 (and a girl), looking for someone trustworthy but fun to travel with through Western Europe in August. Right now, I'm interning in Dublin, Ireland but want to travel through Western Europe. I'm thinking of hitting up London, France, Switzerland, Amsterdam, and Germany (I have a sister who lives there), but I'm pretty flexible in terms of location. I'm looking for someone who's around my age or a bit older (I guess 20-25?) and who'll have fun time traveling with me. I have to be back to school by August 20th in Houston, but if this sounds feasible to your traveling plan, let me know!

Posted by Tina
Providence, Rhode Isla, United States
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Hi Chloe! I'll be in Europe for almost all of august, and I'm looking for a travel partner for at least some part of my trip. I dont have a set plan of what countries i'll be going to. I definitely wanted to go to holland, belgium, maybe france and germany, some of scandinavia, italy, austria... I'm going back to school in providence on september 3rd, so that's after you go back. I'm SO excited about this summer!! let me know if you want to make plans or just chat about destinations :) Tina