Travelling August/September

I have been looking at all the travel companies but would rather get together with other solo travelers or groups to explore the different countries in Europe. I am 27 and female and this would also be my first solo trip to Europe.
Are their any other females or males in their 20's or 30's that will be travelling in August/September?

Posted by Rishabh
London, England
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Hi Stacey, I am 25 male from London, looking forward to plan for a Europe trip in July/August. Let me know if you would be interested

Posted by Ryan
Denver, CO, United States of America
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Hey Stacey, My name is Ryan, also heading to Europe in late fall and will have about 60 days to travel between August-October. I'm 27 and will be traveling solo. Feel free to email or PM if interested in comparing notes!

Posted by Amy
Palo Alto, CA, USA
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Hi Stacey, I'm Amy. I'm 23 and from California and am also going on my first solo Eurotrip this summer. I'll be on a cruise around the Mediterranean until August 2 but after that am traveling alone and would love to meet up! PM me if you'd like to meet up - I am open to traveling anywhere.

Posted by abraham
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Hello, I'm twenty two and looking for travel partners while in europe. I will be traveling solo for my first time as well. As far as my itinerary is concerned I have no set destinations. I just want to see part of the world before starting work full time after college.

Posted by Tiffany
Williamsport, Pa, USA
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Hello! I am 27 and will also be a first time traveler in Europe. My husband, 29, will also be traveling with me. We'll be in Europe Aug 10-26. It would be great to make new friends and have fellow travelers with us! Here's our tentative itinerary. Aug 10 BERLIN Aug 11-12 DRESDEN Aug 12-16 PRAGUE Aug 16-17 CESKY KRUMLOV Aug 17-19 VIENNA Aug 19-20 BRATISLAVA Aug 20-22 BUDAPEST
Aug 22-26 work our way back to BERLIN Best of luck! Tiffany

Posted by Akshay
Mumbai, India
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HEY!!! I'm Akshay 26 male from India. I'm planning to visit Amsterdam,France,Germany,Belgium and Italy from 3 to 15 august 2013.I am would be travelling solo for the first time.I am willing to join if u dont mind.. Let me know...

Posted by Lisa
Coquitlam, BC, Canada
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Hello! My fiance and I are traveling Italy/Greece August 15-Sept 6. I am 22 my fiance is 25 and we are from Vancouver Canada.

Posted by Lexi
Edmonds, Washington, USA
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Hi Stacey, I am 23 and I am taking my first solo trip this summer. I will be traveling to Italy mid August to late September. I am looking for someone to travel with. Message me if you're interested in traveling!
- Lexi

Posted by laura
toronto, ontario, canada
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Hi Stacey, I'm a 26 yo from Toronto Canada doing my first ever Europe trip (and solo trip) for the first 2 weeks of September. Planning to do British isles, maybe Paris and Rome as well. Let me know you'd be interested in travelling together!

Posted by Courtney
Chicago, IL, United States
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Hi Stacey - I'm a 24 yr old traveling solo to Europe for the first time. I plan to be in Northern Europe the month of Sept. - would love to meet up with you for any leg of your trip!

Posted by Milou
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Hi All, My name is Milou and i'm a 24 year old female from Holland. Im traveling to Italy in september. Mostly north and central of italy, but everything is still undecided. If you want to meet up, send me a message. Greetings.