Traveling with your son or daughter?

Hi all, I am 32 year old female looking to travel around Europe or beyond with my 10 year old daughter this summer. Looking for a travel companion with a child of similar age wanting to do the same. Ready for fun travels and adventures!

Posted by Cynthia
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I am planning a similar trip for me & my daughter she's going to be 11 this spring. We have nothing set in stone would love to talk more and see if we can meet or plan together :)

Posted by Lynn
Collegeville, PA, USA
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Hi, I too am a female and will be traveling alone with my 8 year old son in Europe this summer. We have traveled together extensively but this is his first trip to central Europe. We plan on spending about 14 days or so and are flexible in terms of when. Please let me know if you wish to discuss. By the way, I have been considering the Rick Steve's "Family Europe in 14 Days Tours."

Posted by Sam
Duluth, Minnesota, United States
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Hi,I am a female also going to Italy with my 12 year old son june 10-26. Our plans include Venice, Cinque Terre, Florence, and Rome. Contact me if you Will be in Italy during these times.

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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I have taken my 13 ( son) to Europe on my own, and then on separate trip , did the 14 day Family RS Tour with my 11 yr old daughter, then 12 extra days in Paris and Rome( 5 days in Paris before tour, then 5 days in Paris after tour. 2 days in Rome before tour). While in Paris I did meet a lady and her daughter, we just met in Tuilleries gardens, the kids played a bit , we chatted, but didn't travel together or anything( I actually prefer to be on my own).. That said the RS Family tour was incredibly fun for both my dd and I ,, and worth every penny. If you or anyone decides to include that as part of trip please feel free to private message me with questions.. its the only tour I have ever taken, and I have been to Europe independently for decades, solo, with kids and with friends, so I did not take tour for "hand holding" I took it so my dd would have a gas , and she really did.