Travel Partner Wanted

Hello, I will be traveling to Germany early August and coming back in late September. Is anyone interested in meeting up or joining me on my adventures? I have no set itinerary nor destinations that I must see. Lets compare notes and see whether or not we might get along as travel companions for parts of the trip. By the way after this quarter I graduate from college. Lets make this summer one to remember.

Posted by Janet
Tacoma, Washington, USA
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I will be in London 18 August to 21 August if you get over there!

Posted by Jim
Dammam, Saudi
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Hi. i will travel from September 12-28. First week i will stay in Paris for some business. Then i want to visit Netherlands. On the way i could visit Brussels. I prefer partners that can travel with me from Paris and after due to my business in the daytime during first week. If u have interest, plz let me know Good Luck