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Travel Partner "Ground Rules"

Does anyone out there have a list of "Ground Rules" they use with a travel partner?--A list of items that both parties come up with, and agree & adhere to, while traveling together.... If so, can you share such a list with us? I think having a list of "travel ground rules" might help anyone traveling with another person!! Thanks! Karen

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These posts came at a great time. I'm two weeks away from a trip to Europe with my sister and I liked reading the lists. It looks like so far we are doing what we should.

One thing we did which was very helpful was to go on a short trip together a few months ago. During this trip we discovered that my sister's idea of a great vacation is to sit quietly and read. My idea is to see how many museums or sights I can manage to fit in during one day. She needs at least an hour and half before she can go anywhere in the morning. I am set to go in about 20 minutes. The potential for conflict is great! We have discussed our plans and each one of us is willing to go a little out of our comfort zone to accommodate the other. Also, we have planned days where my sister is going to sit quietly and read and I am going to go on a day tour that fits in sights that I am interested in.

I am fortunate that I will be traveling with someone I have literally known my whole life, who loves me and will be patient with me. The same goes in reverse. I know we will still need to take care to make sure that we are good traveling companions for each other. I never worry about whether she will tell me what she is thinking though (she is the older sister!)