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Travel Partner for long term trip through Europe

Looking for a young male or female who is stable and willing to travel through Europe with me later this year. I do not have set dates yet because I can be flexible for the right person. I am 23 years old and ready to take on a new adventure. My ideal partner would be willing to go with the flow and not worry about plan making. Ideally this is a one way ticket trip with plans to return once we have experienced enough; it could be anywhere from 1 month to 3 months. Partner must be okay with staying in hostels, eating the basics from markets, and trustworthy enough to stick with me throughout trip. I originally wanted to travel alone but after doing research its makes more sense to experience this with another person. Ideally, I would like to start out in Greece then work our way towards Western Europe finishing in London. The first few nights in Greece will be spent at a nice hotel since we will be exhausted from travel.


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Welcome Brooke,

Looking for a young male or female who is stable....

Just curious, how many unstable travel companions have you traveled with?

happy and stable trails.

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Sorority sisters getting hammered and need to be carried home and then call daddy for more money..those kind of unstable travel partners I would like to avoid

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Brooke travelling without a return ticket makes you more likely to the third degree at the border.. and remember you can only stay LESS then 90 days in the Schengen countries.. ( UK is not included ).

No matter what.. you need to be confident enough to not need the guarantee that they "stick with you" .. because stuff happens. I think you would be wise to start with a shorter trip. When I was 23 I did three months travelling Europe with my best friend since we grade one. Three months is a LONG time to expect a basically stranger to put up with you and vice versus.

We had a great time.. we did not kill each other. BUT we did seperate at end for last few weeks.. If being alone is too much for you I would shorten trip length .. becuase I just think you are asking for way too much commitment from someone who doesn;t know you from a hole in the wall.

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@ brooke,

just a note. when i was in jr highschool, i took one of my best friend camping with me and even though it was only for several days, i was happy to be rid of him after that. we were still great friends, but sometimes you never know what or how you will get along until its too late.

happy trails.

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I hope it's not too late to respond to this.

If you are planning to stay primarily in hostels, you may find that you don't need to set up a specific travel partner for your whole trip. You may find temporary travel partners along the way.

I traveled solo on my first trip to Europe. I found that it was easy to meet people to share information about our adventures and maybe go on some together. It was a very long time ago, but I think it is probably easier to do now than it was then. The hostels are nicer and communication methods are easier.

I was 30 at the time, a bit old for hosteling back then, but you are a prime age for doing it. And these days hostels have all ages and backgrounds staying there. When I went, there was no Schengen, no Euro, no cell phones. I traveled for 4 months in the fall and winter, going the opposite direction you are going. It was all good.

These are some examples that I believe would not have happened if I had been traveling with a partner:

In Florence I ran into an Australian woman who I originally met at the hostel in Bath. We decided to go to Rome together for Christmas and rent a pension room. On the train to Rome, we met an Italian guy who told us how to get the best place to stand (no seating available at that late date) for Midnight Mass at St. Peter's. We followed his instructions and it worked out great. Then we were each on to our next stops.

I met a Danish woman in a pub in London. She was heading back home but her parents were gone for several weeks, so she set me up to stay in their apartment in Copenhagen for free when I got there.

I met an English woman in Spain who invited me to stay with her in London toward the end of my trip. I took her up on it and it was the perfect place for me before I flew home.

On the trains, I ran into other young travelers from all over the world and we often got together to find a place to stay. My best story about that involves an old Spanish gentleman who was at the train station in Barcelona looking for guests for what I assume was the pension of a friend. He guided us to it.

He spoke a little English and I was the only one who spoke any Spanish. I'm sure he was getting some money from the pension owner for bringing in customers, but I tipped him anyway. Just about the time we were settled in, he came to the pension and invited us all out to dinner -- his treat! Why? He took my tip, played the lottery and won a lot of money.

I tell these stories because sometimes traveling alone can lead to adventures that being focused on another person will prevent. And the concerns about setting up a long-term "relationship" with a stranger that others have expressed are legitimate. I'm sure there are many more uncomfortable situations that others could talk about.

The only one I know about sort of personally is that my cousin went with her best friend and after they got to Europe, it turned out that all the friend wanted to do was shop. She had lots of money. My cousin didn't, but even if she had not been doing the trip on shoestring, she still would have avoided shopping because she had other interests. So they had breakfast in the morning, split up during the day and got back together in the evening. My cousin thought they would share the European experience together, but it obviously didn't work out quite that way.

My recommendation is that you not feel like you have to have a travel partner. You can go alone. If you do find a travel partner, you both need to be very upfront on your expectations and how you will handle it if things start going off the rails.

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I would love to join you on your trip, this sounds exactly like the trip that I have been thinking this summer.
Let me know if your still interested/looking for someone!

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I'm going to assume that you have the Schengen matter in order, have the finances to carry out this 3 month trip, everything else needed. In that case do the 3 month trip. My first time over was 3 months (12 weeks exactly), solo, did the hostel route, stayed in numerous hostels in Vienna and Germany. Being confident, undeterred, and knowing what you are doing is a big part of the experience. This is where you learn about yourself. I saw then how some Americans kids (early 20s) were affected by homesickness being away less than a month in foreign countries, especially girls. Get a travel partner who is above trust worthy and reliable, some one who's not going to leave you in the lurch, ie, flake.

There are times when it's better to have some one else around, just as there are times being solo is better..