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Travel partner

In Italy from now until July 3rd. Have a car to myself and would love some company. 41, male married, active and adventurous.

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mr._joshua, Italy is a country that covers a lot of ground. If you want company, it would be helpful to include WHERE in Italy you are and will be traveling to/from.

You also should include what sort of trips with your car you will be taking. If they're overnight trips, spell out what you expect of your companions for accommodation arrangements and budget. Are you staying in 5* hotels, hostels or somewhere in between? Same for restaurants.

You should also tell people more about yourself, such as why you are in Italy for 1.5 months, why you are traveling alone (are you traveling without your wife?), and what "active and adventurous" means. Your initial post doesn't give prospective companions very much to go on.