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TRAVEL buddy Scandinavia July August 2020

Copenhagen Denmark, Oslo Norway, Bergen, Stockholm Sweden, Helsinki Finland, Tallin Estonia, Riga Latvia, Vilnius Lithuania.
Anyone likeminded interested in visiting these places.?
Mature age 70+ active and appreciative of history, art, architecture with a good sense of humour.

jaye from Australia

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Are you a man or woman? I can’t tell from your name. Not trying to be rude.

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hi jaye. I am also keen on visiting those places maybe july as l will be busy august into September travelling Canada and Italy. I am a married man 71 from London originally Egyptian retired doctor, my wife is not so keen on travel many places at one time

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post immediately above this one reported to webmaster
(and that post has now been removed; the post that's now immediately above seems fine to me)

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Original post reply, I am a woman, looking for a travel buddy, but i think we will all agree in light of the current travel precautions it may not be a good year to travel as the virus seems to be pandemic.
We can see what happens later in the year but for me in australia the long haul flights are particularly arduous.
Cheers and hope to be in touch in happier times.