Touring Europe in a Campervan – early June to mid-October 2012

Hi! My name is Michael and I'm about to repeat a terrific adventure I had when travelling around Europe two years ago in a fully self-contained campervan. This time I'll be heading east from Frankfurt Germany in a van filled with chocolate and music! I want to visit the battle-sites of northern France and cross over into the UK. There I'll journey up to the spiritual highlands of Scotland before returning to France to explore its historic western coastline. I do not have a set itinerary at this stage but have a desire to include a trip to the Baltic States and drive the Atlantic Road in southern Norway. I'm a 62 year old Australian male and would like a female companion from a younger age bracket (preferably one who speaks a European language) to share the experiences of all or part of my travels with me. If interested, please contact me at w-i-l-d-f-i-g-1-@-g-m-a-i--l-.-c-o-m.
Campervan and running costs will be taken care of.

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This isn't a dating site so why does it have to be a female from a younger age bracket.. good luck.