Switzerland/Germany/?!? July 16-24

Hello. I'm gonna be potentially flying solo for part of my Euro trip this summer. Nothing is set in stone between July 16-24 as of right now and I'm looking for opinions, options and would love to have a travel buddy. Message me if you are interested! Laura

Posted by Rishabh
London, England
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I would be interested to join, let me know the details? I am also planning for Europe trip

Posted by Kawika
Volcano, Hawaii, U.S.A
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Be leaving CO into London 5/25 then its all up in the air!! should be a blast.. I can meet up

Posted by Laura
Garden City, MI, USA
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Here are my finalized plans:
I'm going to be in Switzerland (15-16), Munich (17-19), Berlin (20-21) and Copenhagen (22-23).....