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Suggestions for Private guides on trips to Europe, but not going on RS trips.

We love RS and pretty much any of his ideas about travel. Have used them for something like 10 years now on well over 7 different trips to Europe. We have never taken a RS tour, but will be going to Europe again and wanted to ask the community regarding possible Private Guide(s) to Cesky Krumlov for a day trip out of Prague in late July or early Aug. Will be a group of 9 of us, ages 2 years to 80. 2 of us have been there once, on a small group tour, but this time we certainly just want to have transport and guide to ourself for the entire day. Also possibility of day trips out of Vienna, and possibility within Venice proper. Again all in Mid July 2019 up to early Aug time window.

I believe asking for these recommendations for private guide services does not violate the community guidelines details.

thank you

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Martina Cermakova did a great job guiding us in Prague a few years ago. While the link to her is through Viator, you can probably find her own website with some effort and save paying the middleman. I don't know whether Cesky Krumlov is in her "territory," but it would be worth finding out.

Elisabetta Morelli and Corine Govi guided our RS tour group in different parts of Venice recently and I'd recommend them highly. They'll take other clients as well, of course.

I'm sure your inquiry doesn't violate the guidelines. I too have used RS guidebooks and travel skills on multiple independent trips. I took my first RS tour (Venice/Florence/Rome) this fall and enjoyed it greatly. You might want to give it a try if one of the tours matches your interests.

EDIT: You might get more useful replies if you re-post your questions under "General Europe" or the specific countries you're asking about. "Travel Partners" is really for people looking for someone else to travel with. I saw your post only because it's so new it went on the "front page" of the forum.

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Thanks David and Dick
Both great stuff in particular the contacts.
Will also check out the transport/shuttle folks although we want to have a great guide the whole day. Not just drive us there.
Will also either repost as you mention or see if the mods can move it perhaps?

Thanks for the super quick replies.