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Solo Oktoberfest September 27 or 28, 2019

Is there anyone that is going to be in Munich on those dates that I might be able to join for a visit to the festivities? I am flexible on the time of day, I will be in Munich the evening of Friday the 27th and all day Saturday the 28th. I am not a huge partier, but I do enjoy a beer or two and soaking up local culture and what a better way to do it!

As a solo traveler (usually before and after joining a RS Tour) I attempt to avoid huge crowds. Imagine my surprise when I booked a nonrefundable solo room in Munich without thinking about the ramifications. Now, I know it is not obligatory to go to Oktoberfest if you happen to in Munich at that time, but I really want to go, just not by myself.

If I'm not able to find a companion or companions, does anyone have some suggestions on enjoying the festivities solo? I have read that it is easy for singles to get a seat in the tents, but joining a group of people when I don't speak the language and such might be uncomfortable. Paying a tour guide seems overkill after reading up on the subject, but I am not opposed to that as an option is anyone has recommendations.

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English is the second language at Oktoberfest. It is a very international affair. They will be tons of Brits, Aussies, Americans, plus Italians, Finns, Swedes, French, Spanish, etc whose German skills are not up to snuff, but use English to communicate with people from other countries. And a lot of Germans speak English and are not bashful about using it after the first mass.

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You might not know (I didn't until we went to Oktoberfest!), but the tents are not the only thing. Oktoberfest is also a big fair, something like a state fair in the US. There are lots of rides and all kinds of food available while walking around. Beer is only available in the tents, I believe, but you can walk into some of them during the day, if not at night.

We ended up joining a beer tour that went to other places and ended at the fest. We were seated at an outdoor area adjacent to a beer tent, but this was fairly early in the day.

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I was there once by myself at the end of a RS tour (flew out of Munich next morning). As mentioned there are plenty of chicken, fish, almonds and other food booths that line the grounds. You don’t have to be in a tent to eat. Also crafts booths and rides. It has the atmosphere of a mild version of a state fair midway—I was also there early evening and a lot of families were there. I’m not sure if the atmosphere changes as night rolls in. All that said, I stayed long enough to walk around and grab a drink and pretzel. I’m sure it’s a bit more fun if you can join a group at a table in one of the tents.

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In late September of 2017 my wife and were completing a 19 day trip to Germany, France and Italy and were schedule to fly home out of the Munich airport. Upon returning a rental car and checking into an airport hotel for our early morning flight the next day we decided to take the S-Bahn onto Munich and spend an evening enjoying Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfest is truly a festival for all, young and old. In addition to the carnival rides, souvenir and food vendors the main attraction is the plethora of beer tents. In these venues you will be introduced to loud music, singing and dancing and most of all just plain fun.

Even if decide to venture out alone you will soon discover that you will be surrounded by "new" best friends. My wife and I are in our late 60's but behaved like we were 40 years younger. We did not have reservations (which are a good idea to have or you may not be able to get into the tents in the evenings) but because there were just the two of us we were always let in and escorted to some available seating. We meet young and old. primarily germans but many were from other nations. Almost all of the young people speak fluent english and many of the older people (my age bracket) carried on conversations with us in their native tongue.

All of that being said, buy yourself a Dirndl and were it to Oktoberfest. You will have no problem making immediate friends with a group of girls (women), guys or mixed groups. Just make sure you go and be prepared to have fun. By the way, the beer is served only in one liter quantities. Your new friends will probably buy you one or five. Also, go on live and learn a few germany drinking songs-you will be expected to sing along.