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Solo Female to Share Room at Hotel Londres Eiffel 5/12-13

I'll be in the RS 7-day Paris tour, May 6-12, and plan to stay one extra day in our hotel, Hotel Londres Eiffel ( I have reserved a "Cosy Poets Room" with two twin beds for May 12-13, and am looking for a female roommate, preferably fellow traveler from the same tour, for that night. Your share of the cost is half of the room rate of 255 Euro for one night. Please reply in the next few days if you are interested. Thanks!!

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That sounds very very dangerous to invite a complete stranger to share a room with you.

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I'm guessing you are hoping someone from your tour will see this?

I'm not sure if you've been on a Rick Steves tour before but you'll probably find that most are not aware of the forum which is too bad because it's a fun place to hang out between trips!

I know you'll enjoy this tour. It is what made me feel SO comfortable and at home in Paris!

I have stayed at Londres Eiffel and the rooms are pretty small. The website pictures of the twin beds are accurate in that they will likely be that close together, just made up separately.

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The RS tour pairs two strangers together who opt not to partake of the single supplement as well, there's no vetting process. They are of the same sex. I don't know how worried I would be of anything other than snoring with a female roommate. I had two roommates I did not meet prior to the tour (since we had to "rotate" roommates).

To the OP: If you don't find a roommate, feel free to find a better priced hotel. There are lots of options out there that cost less - 255 EUR is quite pricey. Look on

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My intention is indeed to find a roommate from the group I will tour with, but there is no way to contact them before we are actually in Paris. (I will bunk up with a stranger for the tour anyway. Single room was not an option by the time I signed.) Maybe I should email the RS office and see if they will forward my inquiry to the others.
My reservation at Hotel Londres Eiffel can be cancelled two days before the check-in date, so I have some time to wait and see, even after the tour starts on May 6. I may not extend my stay in Paris after the tour if I cannot find a roommate. Instead, I may take an overnight trip to Brittany or Provence, to have a brief view of another part of France before coming home.