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Single Female travelling through Europe April 2015


I am travelling through Europe from 2 April until 3 May.

I'm a bit nervous especially for Paris and the petty crime
Are there any other single travellers who will be making their way around these beautiful cities?
Zurich Living with friends
Paris 8-12 April
Belgium 12-14
Amsterdam - living with friends so I will be sorted
Germany - living with friends
Czech Rep 20-22
Austria 23-25
Italy 27april to 3 May

Hope to have a buddy to travel with

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I was solo in Paris for 10 days in May 2014 and never felt uncomfortable. I'm in my 50's and have been to Europe several times before, sometimes solo and sometimes with friends. My advice is enjoy the beautiful city, try to see as much as you can and just use your common sense. I always wore my money belt, kept a good grip on my purse and camera, and I was, most of the time, in by dark. They have a great bus system but it's also wonderful to walk. I did use the Metro a couple of times but can see more from a bus or walking. There were so many tourists that sometimes, I felt that all of the locals were hiding. The Rick Steve's Paris or France book was my bible. The only place that people approached me for money was near Notre Dame and around the Sacre Coeur area. . Just say no and walk away. Have a wonderful time!

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Thanks for the encouraging words Jeannie

Think that I am just being overtly cautious as this is my first trip to Europe and solo

But I plan on being street smart - watched a few videos online if pickpocketing and know exactly how to avoid it :>

Now to start packing and enjoying my vacation

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Jeannie hit it on the head. Just use your instincts and common sense and you'll be fine. I travel quite a bit by myself in the states. I;ve been to Europe once with my teenage daughter and will be returning in May solo. I saw quite a bit of pickpocketing/scamming in Paris, by the Lourve, Notre Dame and on the metro. If you're wearing a money belt or have some other safe spot for valuables, neck pouch, pacsafe bag, etc. you'll have no problems.

You have an exciting itinerary~ have a blast!

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Hey girl!
I've travelled to paris solo twice before. I even walked into a sketchy neighborhood once (I was just trying to explore beyond the tourist sites to try to find some great photos or a cafe off the beaten path), but never felt unsafe. I've even stayed out until 2 AM there (on Bastille day). The key is to just look like you know where you're going, even if you're lost and then find a hotel or some place that could provide directions (if you're lost- works for me all the time). It also helps if you look European and don't make the dumb mistake of wearing something that says where you're from- I laugh each time I see someone wearing such garb. This is the case for me, and literally everywhere I've been, everyone thinks I'm a local! Too funny!

Someone tried to pickpocket me in notre dame (unsuccessful because I had my purse locked in btwn my arm and body)! So watch out in crowded touristy areas and metro! But that's really all tag happened there- no other incidents.
All of the places you listed are safe (although some parts of Italy have some problems, depending on where you're going.