Seeking Travel Partners in Bergen, Norway for Glacier Hike trip

Hi. I headed for Bergen, Norway in September and will be there from September 12-15. Because renting a car for one person means spending a fortune on gas and rental fees and because I can't find a reasonable way to get to the glacier hike by any other means, I'm asking if there are others who would be in Bergen at that time and would be willing to split the costs to drive to the Breheimsenteret North of Sogndal where the tour starts. Would have to depart Bergen by 5 AM to make it in time. If I can get three travel partners, we could afford to see do the Glacier hike and stop off to see a Stave church near Sogndal and possibly ride the Flam train all before heading back to Bergen. If anyone knows of an organized trip I can pay for, I would love details so that I can make this trip regardless. However, if I can find 3 people we could really make this affordable and fun. Thanks in advance for any replies.

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