Rome & Florence June 26 - July 2

I'm sneaking in a week in Italy and hope to spend a few days in Rome followed by a few days Florence. I haven't traveled in many years (20!) and haven't traveled alone in many more (30!!) and this will be my first trip to Italy. I'd love to find someone to walk about with, see the sites, dine out, etc. I would love to fit in a day trip to Siena and hope to get on a horse for a scenic ride somewhere close by. Trying to cram in as much as I can in a short time. My only scheduled commitment is a concert in Pisa on Saturday evening, the 29th. (My daughter is singing.) I'm a single woman, 50-ish, from the San Francisco Bay Area. FWIW, I still haven't made any reservations for hotel or other accommodations, so I'd appreciate recommendations. Thanks, and happy traveling to all!

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