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Rental car share from Split to Plitvice (and onward if interested).

I'll be traveling from Split to Plitvice on or around 14 June. My plans are flexible and I'm looking for someone who might want to split the cost of a rental car. Ideally I'll be driving to Rovinj from Plitvice afterward. I'm amenable to changes so If you're interested then let me know and we can work out details. Busses get so complicated there that I'd just rather go with a car but on my budget it's not very practical...
Also, I have a bungalow booked at Korana (right by the lakes) so you're welcome to join me to stay at no charge (since I'll be staying there no matter what). It's only a single bungalow but I will be happy to give up the bed if it means ease of transportation via rental car. I have my International permit as well (if that's a concern of yours). I should mention that I leave the States on 27 May so, after that, I'll only check email maybe once a day so, while I'll definitely get back to you, it may take a hot minute :)

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