Portugal - Sept/Oct 2012

Hi all...looking for anyone who might be traveling to Portugal this fall. I am a single girl in my 30s, going it alone after a friend backed out of our trip. Looking for people, not necessarily to travel my entire trip with, but who might want to do a day trip, meet up for a meal, etc. I'm definitely looking to do this on the safer side since I'll be alone, so I am going to be staying in somewhat nicer hotels. My budget isn't unlimited, but it's pretty flexible. Not sure yet about transportation down to the Algarve, but thinking rail if it's safe. If not, I may rent a car (although driving in Europe makes me nervous). Anyway, hoping to hear from anyone who might have like-minded plans! :)

Posted by Aymen abeer
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Hey Julie I'll be traveling to Portugal Beg of Sept for 1 or 2 days as i'll be coming from Spain.
I would love to have a company as well so what is your plans ..?? I'm thinking about Lisbona and Porto ..between 5th -7th sept.;)) A

Posted by Julie
West Hollywood, CA, USA
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Unfortunately, I will be there at the END of September, beginning of October! Happy travels to you!