Paris in Aug

Hi, I'm Nicholas from Singapore I'm 22 and I'm going to tour France before entering university later this year. I'm looking for maybe a couple of people who will be willing to rent an apartment with me from the 13th to the 17th of Aug. We can hang out and check out the city together as well if you're keen or head your own way! No obligations!

Posted by Don
Vallejo, CA, USA
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Hi, Nicholas!!! I don't think August in Paris is such a good idea. First of all, I've been to Europe about six or seven times and visited Paris in the spring, in June and in August. The problem with August is 1) It's hot and humid, and 2) A lot of places (hotels, restaurants, clubs, etc.) are CLOSED! Many, many French take their vacations (holidays)in August and head for the French coast or abroad. Consequently, a lot of places in Paris are closed up. Paris is much livelier and interesting in other months. Don from California

Posted by nicholas
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Thanks for the tip Don, unfortunately this is the only time I can visit Paris :( I guess I will have to do a lot of reserch to see if the attractions and stores I want to visit will be open and plan accordingly. As for the heat, I'm from Singapore so we basically live in a perpetual summer and bathe in sweat everyday haha.