Open plans - 2 weeks September

Hi guys, I am planning a 2 week holiday in Europe for after September 13th & hoping to find a travel buddy to explore with. I am open to where we go as it is rare I hear of a place that I don't want to visit. I am hoping to stick to 3 major places so that not too much time is wasted in travel. Some ideas I have - Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid, Prague, Krakow, Naples, Instanbul but again open to suggestions. I have already visited Rome, Florence, Bologna, Sienna, Pompei, London, Cambridge, Edinburgh and Paris. When I travel I like to enjoy the different culture, eat great local food and see the major sights. I get along with people in all age groups but would prefer to travel with females. Let me know if your interested in discussing more :)

Posted by Monica
Bangalore, India
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hey Natasha, I'd be interested in touring Europe just around the same time. I've done some treks in the Himalayas; traveled and worked in different places in the US.I want to experience new cultures, attitudes; study people- get to know how lives are lived in countries other than mine(India). Art, design, photography are my interests. I'm well-read & pretty laid-back. I'd like to discuss with you- so let me know if you are game too :) Monica
Bangalore, India