One Month to get the Most out of Europe...Let's do it!

Hey Guys, I just finished my Freshman year of college and I'll be going to Europe for a month (May 28-June 23). I'll be looking to travel to some countries (France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland) and getting the most out of them although I'm open to going to others. I would like to travel with someone that's interested in experiencing the most that Europe has to offer. I have a wide variety of interests and most importantly I love my food. Can't wait for this trip! Ben

Posted by Rose
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First of all, BOOM! I'm so excited for you!! To be 19 again and heading off to Europe for a month - WOW! Second, this will seem kind-of naff, but... Go to the library or a bookstore and get Rick Steves' book Europe Through the Back Door and read it! Cover to cover. You won't regret it! Then seriously plot out your itinerary, flying into your starting city, making your way along and flying out of your ending city so you avoid costly back-tracking (in time and money). I'm sure many others on these boards with broader experience than me will give you great specific tips for planning your actual destinations. I tend to focus on one country, or even one area of a country, at a time (meaning per trip); I'm admittedly a plodder, but it's right for me. :) Good luck and happy travels!