Northern Italy October 2013

I will be a solo female traveler going to Italy for the first time in October. I will be arriving in Florence on October 4. On October 6 I will travel to Siena until the 13th to visit a niece. After the 13th, I will be free to explore and travel in Northern Italy. I am looking for a either a male, female or both of the age range ( 40 - 55) to explore Tuscany country side with easy to mild hiking/biking, picnics, train, etc. after the 13th for 7 days. I am open to all offers and suggestions. I will be returning to Florence a few days prior to my flight on October 23, so that I may visit some sights in Florence. My budget includes staying in pensiones. My transportation would be train, and bus.
It would be great to hook up with experienced travelers to Italy. Victoria

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