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mid aug to early sept. 2013, france italy germany

my name is ashley, im 24 and going on a backpacking trip with 2 guys, phillip 22, and michael 30, both have been my friends for many many years. we seek a male/female in between our ages. we would enjoy a 4th person for an even number. We are staying in hostels, will NOT be partaking in gourmet restaurants, will only be using public transportation, and will be using railpasses to move around. we are not rich kids and can't avoid to be irresponsible and we all 3 shower regularly. this is a trip of a lifetime. we have been planning and saving money for this. we want a fun awesome traveler to share this with and make our group an even number. we are very excited to begin this trip! :) This will cost around $5,000. including plane ticket, hostels, railpass and food. (we estimate) if you are not serious, or expect to be taken care of then we dont want you. but if you have personality and wisdom to contribute then please email me. we want to learn about the world and other cultures. come join us!

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Hello Ashley! My name is Tiffany. I am 27. I saw that your group will be backpacking around the same time as my husband and I are. However, we plan on backpacking from Berlin to Budapest and back from Aug 10-26. Like you, we're not rich and are trying to be as frugal as possible. This will be our first time in Europe. Just got married in Las Vegas in early June, so this is going to be a belated honeymoon adventure for us. Though minus the romance and add the adventure. lol Anyway, if you guys plan on being in Germany and want to meet up, maybe drink some cheap beer at a pub or something and relay travel stories, let me know! It would be wonderful to meet fellow frugal travelers along the way! Best of luck,