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Meet Up in Paris Fall 2014?

I'm a "woman of a certain age" who will be living in Paris in Sept/Oct/Nov 2014 and am interested in meeting with others (singles, couples, etc.) who will be in Paris then too. Maybe we could meet for lunch or dinner or coffee or a glass of wine. Would love to share stories of our travel adventures, where we've been, why we travel, how we got started, etc. Since I've visited Paris multiple times, I have lots of info about the city and its restaurants, walking tours, etc. which I'd be glad to share.

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Nice of you to offer. Hope you meet some interesting folks.

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Hi there! I am also a woman of a certain age, so we have that in common, and it sounds like you probably love Paris, as I do. I am planning a long Euro trip this fall and winter during about the same time period you are talking about. I do not have the details nailed down yet--am in early planning stages--but there is no way I'd go to Europe without visiting Paris for at least a little while. I've spent some time in Paris but am always happy to learn more or share info. Would enjoy getting together for coffee or dinner or something. I just signed up for this forum so am not sure how to transmit my e-mail address, but I'll check back here soon for a reply and go from there. Thanks! -Michal

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@Michal.... you can send Holly a private message by clicking on her name, and then in the next window you can click on "Send Holly a private message". This is a great way to share email addresses. Welcome to the forum!

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Will be there for 2 days Sept 2-4. Will you be there then?