May 19 - July 3 travel buddy!

Hi, my name is Nicole, I'm from Anchorage, Alaska and I'm 25. I am going to Europe May 19 - July 27. I was going with a couple friends and it didn't end up working out and they bailed. I am looking for someone to travel with anytime in the May 19 - July 3 range. I have my basic itinerary planned, what I want to see and the order I think makes sense, but I'm flexible. My plan is to fly into Frankfort, go to Prague, Switzerland for a couple days, then go do ALL of Italy. That should be may 19 to around June 18 ish. I would like someone to do that with! After that I plan to meet up with someone I met on here and take a train across southern France, Spain, then back through France and end in Paris where I am meeting a friend from home. From there I will be going to Holland, then down to Belgium, Chunnel across to London, Ireland, then see Germany on the way out and would be open to someone joining us. I am really looking for someone to do prauge and italy with but am open to someone joining for any part. I want to see the sites but also not get stuck in the tourist traps. I want to see all that stuff I've heard about but also want to meet the real people in the little towns and see the nightlife of the big cities. I bought a 2 month railpass and seeing as much as possible and meeting people along the way. Look forward to meeting some new people, preferably close to my age. Look forward to hearing from other backpackers!! Thanks,

Posted by Sarah
New York City
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Such a bummer you want to do exactly my trip but I cant start until June 18th, exactly when you are on your next leg. Enjoy and Good Luck.

Posted by Sarah
Stuttgart, Germany
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If you want to go anywhere in Southwestern Germany let me know! I'm open to showing people around places I know (Stuttgart, Esslingen, Tubingen, Heidelberg) and visiting areas within a few hours from Stuttgart that I haven't been to! I'm 32 and my husband works a lot here in Stuttgart and most of my friends here work 9-5 jobs so weekday trips are a draw for me.

Posted by Gaurav
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Hey Nicole, I am arriving in Brussels on may 16th and then i have my trip till mid july. I havent figured out exact plan so I am very flexible. If you are interested shoot me a line and we can plan something. Hope your trip goes well.

Posted by Melanie
New Haven, CT, USA
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I should be in Italy at that time. Not dure my exact dates yet. Sometime from May 21 - June 15th.

Posted by Derek
Traverse City, MI, United States
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I will be flying into prague on the 25th of may and meeting up with a friend and we plan to do possibly goto germany, definitely Switzerland and a huge portion of italy we will be in europe till 19th of june.