Mature Women Travelers

Are there any mature (55plus) women out there who are active & healthy who have the time and interest in seeing Europe on a budget and at a slow, get to know it pace, by bus, train or car, starting sometime next spring? I'd like to start in London and see as much as possible in three to four weeks.

Posted by Laurie Beth
Was MN, now TX
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I would be interested, but can't do in 2014. I am retiring and moving. But, I plan on doing something like this in early 2015. I plan on staying even longer than 3 or 4 weeks, but would love to have a travel companion for at least part of it.

Posted by Sharon
Youngstown, OH, USA
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Hi, Laurie, I do hope to be traveling this coming spring, but please keep in touch, plans can always change or be added to.

Posted by Laurie Beth
Was MN, now TX
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I sent you a private message with my contact information so we can stay in touch.

Posted by Peggy
orlando, fl, usa
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I am 57 years old and a recent widow. I am interested in getting my travel shoes back on. I like to experience to culture of a country and not the tourist traps. I love train travel and am open to trips in 2014. Please contact me if anyone has any ideas where to go next year. Peggy

Posted by diane
metro Atlanta, ga, usa
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I am planning on visiting England/Scotland May, 2014 for two weeks. Looking to rent a car and just go and take in the countrysides. Let me know if you might be interested. diane

Posted by Gillian
Jacksonville, Florida
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I am always interested in going somewhere! I am originally from the UK, but have lived in the US for many years....there are plenty of areas in Europe that I still have to conquer!

Posted by carol
Vancouver, WA, USA
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Most definitely interested whenever, wherever. Three to four weeks may not be enough time however. Would like to travel on a small budget with occasional
Splurge for a nice place, meal or site.

Posted by penny
vancouver wa
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Hi Sharon
I was so happy to see your post. I've done a bit of traveling, and although I am unavailable for 2013, please keep my name for 2014. I'm hoping to find someone who wants to go to Croatia. I've never been, except for Dubrovnik. There is a cruise slated for May 29th from Venice. My plan was to arrive a week early, and take either trains or rent a car for Bled and Ljubljana before the cruise. I like walking around the cities, but am not a hiker anymore. I'm mostly interested in history and art. I like cheap, but comfortable. I usually use local guides and transportation. Anyone interested?

Posted by Sally
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Hi everyone! I just posted about a RTW trip leaving in April of 2014. I am very open to plans. Currently I am planning on starting in Spain and going to France, but wouldn't mind some time in England and might be able to arrange that. Read my post and let me know if any of you would like to talk further.

Not in a hurry, I have no time frame.


Posted by melhuntley
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Hi, My hubby & myself are planning a trip to Europe in November 2014. Flying into Amsterdam on the 18th, 3 days there and then flying to Venice. From Venice we will travel by trains to Florence, Pisa, Cinque Terra, Lucca, Rome, etc and ending up in Civitacechia to hop on a cruise ship for 10 days leaving on Dec 4th. Will have a reservation in Amsterdam after the long flight but winging it for other accommodations. Definitely want the back door experience. Won't be eating out a lot to cut down on cost but will also enjoy ourselves. Not big drinkers, but do enjoy a glass of good wine or a beer in the evenings. Traveling lite with a backpack each. Not interested in a fast pace to see everything but to enjoy the experience. I have downloaded RS self guided walking tours for Amsterdam, Venice, Florence and Rome . We are over 60, never been to Europe but have been to Rick Steves' free travel seminars and have been studying his guide books for the past year. We don't like crowds, like the off season rates, not afraid of rain and the cruise is very affordable. We are open to having travel companions on parts or all of our adventurers.