Looking for travel buddy June 21-end of july

Hi there! I'm a 25 yo medical student from Montreal, Canada. I have 5 weeks off between semesters and would love to travel to europe. I was supposed to go with some friends but they couldn't make it. I haven't made any plans so far. I was just planning to buy a ticket and a eurorail pass and take it from there. I would love to have someone to travel with.

Posted by Alexandra
San Francisco, CA, USA
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Hi, my break is from mid june to july. some options im considering : spain/portugal/morocco. Greece/turkey and maybe prague/budapest/vienna Let me know :)

Posted by Kari
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here's what my travel plans are... feel free to join for any part :) I have a lot booked so far (particularly transportation-well mainly only trasport = no accommadation booked, but booking in the next couple of days - most likely-; *= transport and accommadation not booked) Prague: June 5-8 Vienna: June 8-10 Budapest: June 10-13* Athens: June 13-14* Crete:June 14-18** Santorini: June 18- 22** Athens: June 22-25* Naples: June 25-28* Capri: June 28-29** Rome: June 29- July 2** Florence:July 2-5* Milan: July 5-6** Lauterbrunnen: July 6-7 Lucerne: July 7-9 Munich: July 9-12* Paris: July 12-15*
London: July 15-17*

Posted by Lisa
Halifax, Nova Scoti, Canada
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Hi, I'm going to be in Spain most of July and Paris the beginning of July for a weekend. If you want to meet up, let me know. We can talk and see if it might work.