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Looking for travel buddies from Los Angeles to Europe

Hi everyone nice to be part of this forum.

I am looking for travel buddies for a trip to Europe.

We can explore London, Amsterdam, Paris, Prague, Budapest, and other parts pf Europe ( open to ideas for cities )

Dates are flexible but preferably in November.

Gender both male or female

A little about myself
Age 38
Digital Nomad
Live in Los Angeles from London
Well traveled been to over 30 counties and lived in 5
Dates flexible from Nov 1 to Jan 24

Please feel free to ask away with any questions

Thanks and have a great day

I look forward to hearing from you. Please DM me if interested.



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a little about yourself might help people decide if they are interested... maybe age, sex, travel experience, budget level, car or train or plane....

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I agree with Nigel. You should tell people a little about yourself before expecting any responses.

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By November do you mean in a few days or next year, 2024?

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Thanks for the details, Alex! I generally travel solo but hope you find someone who shares your travel interests. And welcome to the forum!

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Thanks Mardee, nice to meet you.
I appreciate your message and was truly amazed with how friendly this forum was given the response from previous posters.

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alexmani, you made me laugh. 🤣 Sometimes cranky around here, but often helpful with specific “how-to” questions. :)

I have been hanging out here for about 10 years and have seen very few posts asking about travel partners, even though there is obviously a topic for that. It strikes me that maybe this is an age-related thing. I cannot imagine traveling with someone I don’t know (I am way too selfish and opinionated) but I can easily picture my well-traveled daughter doing it in some instances. Obviously you could cut some of your own costs in half by traveling with someone.

There are a large number of people who “read” here but don’t “post”. So hopefully you get some responses - maybe via PM from some who wouldn’t answer “to the general public”. I myself have had someone (I didn’t know) ask about traveling with me (or actually meeting in Europe to travel together) via PM. So not impossible!

And Budapest is wonderful. 😊

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Please define digital nomad and the Land of La translates into Los Angeles.

In a city of nearly 4 million I wonder if we are neighbors?