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Looking for female traveler to Italy, open itinerary.

I am a married woman, photographer, and have been to France and Italy on self-guided tours with other women, husband does not like to travel. I can plan out details, am totally into airbnb and going on a budget. Leaving from Chicago, dates are still open, anytime from end of March through October 2015 would be fine. Would prefer early spring or later in the fall to avoid the worst crowds but will consider any dates. Minimum travel time would be 2 weeks, 3 week preferred.

Any age is welcome, please be self-sufficient, have sense of humor, love to eat new foods and explore, and someone who can go with the flow and be happy with all the discoveries along the way. Contact me at


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You might also have some luck with the Thelma & Louise website.

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OMG - I wish my husband didn't like to travel because I love photography (hobby photographer who has sold a few pics on etsy), love planning, love airbnb, and love travelling in mid-Sept! But since hubby pays for most of the trip, he gets to Hope you find a travel partner!

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Well I wish my husband DID like to travel ...but, once you get that taste of traveling at your own pace, not answering to anyone or worrying about who's hungry, who's tired, etc. You may discover sheer travel nirvana lol...peace and good will to all. :-)

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I need hubby along to read the map - I can't read one to save my life...he says I'd still be wandering lost around Venice if he wasn't there to read the Mine does like to travel, but he doesn't think about the future more than 2 weeks ahead (more of a glass half empty kinda guy), so when I am driving him crazy 6 months out about what to see and do, he seems so uninterested, but once the time rolls around, he loves it.

It's great you are still pursuing your travelling of luck!

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Good luck on finding a travel partner. It's too bad you aren't interested in doing the France trip with me! I have done some touring of Italy already. You will love it, especially doing it at your own pace. MDx60

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Have you found a partner or are you still looking? If so, I am interested.

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I am a female university student looking for travelling companions this June.
I am going to be in Italy in June for about 10-11 days.
Later, I am planning to go to Germany (likely to cover Munich, Berlin, and Cologne) for about 10-11 days.

Let me know if you would like to travel together.

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Hey Beth,

I was looking for a travel partner to travel around italy and came across this site. Are you still looking for somebody to travel with? I am single though and into doing adventurous activities during my trip. I have applied for leave from the 6 until the 11 of May (can be extended or brought forward by a week or so) . I am at if you think this will work for you.