Looking for a Travel Partner for Europe in Aug 2014

Hi, I'm a white female (mid 20's) looking to find someone to backpack/travel with me through Europe. I would like to see the UK, France, the Netherlands, Spain, etc. I am also very flexible so I am always open to new travel suggestions. I'm looking to travel from mid August 2014 through the end of September 2014, so there is still plenty of time for logistics. I would like to become connected with my future travel partner ASAP, to ensure a better experience in the future. I would prefer to travel with another female and I intend to be thrifty so hotels (especially fancy ones) are most likely out of the question. If you have any questions feel free to ask! :)

Posted by Sara
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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Hey Kirsten, I am also in my mid 20s and I am looking to be travelling the same dates as you in 2014. I am looking to start in Spain for a week or so and then fly over to Crotia for yacht week (check it out) and then from there Eurail from Crotia to Germany - The Netherlands - UK - Iceland. Nothing is set in stone other than Crotia for yacht week. I plan to stay in hostels as well as couch surf my way around. I may have one friend coming with me as well. Let me know :)

Posted by Rob
Dallas, TX, USA
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Kristen, Though you did not mention it in your post; I would offer a word of warning, the south is hot in August. I will be somewhere in Europe (during this period depending on when I begin my trip) following the itinerary outlined by Rick in his Europe through the Back Door book. Thinking about beginning my own European journey in April. Enjoy your trip.