Looking for a travel buddy in Europe around the age of 18..for summer 2013

Hi, I'm a soon-to-be 18-year-old girl from Estonia. I plan to do some travelling in Europe this summer, june-august, maybe even in autumn. I don't have any certain plans or preferences - I'm open to all ideas. Ofc I have a tight budget so I plan on staying at hostels, budget airlines etc, as cheap as possible. I want to explore, sightsee, have fun. I have been thinking maybe spending some time in Germany, also I've always wanted to visit Barcelona, London, Prague, Budapest, but as I said I'm up to everything. You should be around my age, you should be a curious and open-spirited person. It would be great if you were a female solo traveller. Anyway, be whoever you are, don't hesitate to contact me!!! :) Also, if you want to travel in my country, let me know, I want to meet different people from all over the world and would be happy to accompany you. :)

Posted by Wes
Gettysburg, PA, USA
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Hey Claire. I'm a 19 year old american guy and I will be traveling in Europe from March to August, planning on spending some time in Eastern Europe until the end of May, then going to some music festivals and generally traveling Germany in June, and after that I am not sure...In general I am looking for someone to travel with me who is interested in getting pretty far into the countryside of Eastern Europe, and maybe doing some WWOOFing, but I will be in Germany in June doing more urban things. Anyway, maybe sometime this summer we could meet up

Posted by Adrienne
Reno, NV, United States
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Hi Claire, I am a 21 year old american girl looking to travel this summer, between early June and early August. It is my plan to follow a route similar to the one described at this url: http://www.bakpakguide.com/europe/tripideas/backpacking-trips/grand-tour-of-europe.shtml#.USRhM9zrmyC
I could fly into london (these flights are cheapest) and meet you any step along the way, or perhaps fly into Amsterdam and do the reverse route. I could also be interested in going up to Estonia somewhere along the way. As you have indicated, I am also very curious and open-minded and am ready for new experiences! ~Adrienne

Posted by Claire
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Hey Wes...this is the first I've heard of WWOOFing, it seems interesting, I'll definitely look into it:) My current plans are: 21.07-04.08 I'm in a camp in Central Germany, 04.08-07.08 in Berlin. Those plans are certain, but I want to do some travelling for 2-4 weeks in June/July before heading to the camp in Germany. Hey Adrienne, this route seems great, although I won't be able to travel so extensively myself. Right now I feel I definitely want to visit Spain (Barcelona and the surrounding coastal region), England (London) and Belgium (Bruges, Brussels). And I will be in Germany for 2,5 weeks.
I also want to see more of Eastern Europe, but this summer I will probably have to narrow it down to as few countries as possible..

Posted by Cassie
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
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Hey Claire! My name is Cassie and I am a 25 year old from the US. I'll be going to Europe May 28th to August 12th and will be going all over. We should exchange emails and keep in touch with out itineraries in case we end up in the same places at the same times and can hang out! I will also be doing the hostel thing, and the eurail global pass. This meet up exchange is offered to whoever else posts here too, I can't wait to meet many fun people and make new friends. PM me so we can chat. :D ~Cassie

Posted by Faith
Smiths Falls
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Hey hey, my name is Faith and I'm 18 years old. I'm not sure that our travel plans match up so well, but I'm looking to travel from approximately may 21 until the end of June. Starting in Paris and then making my way to Germany and from there flying back to France for a return flight home. Must see Italy and the Netherlands in between. Anyways just thought I'd post a reply to see if you or anyone else has similar plans. Hit me back if you'd like !

Posted by Julia
Portland, Oregon, United States
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Hi Claire I'm a 17 year old from the United states (will be 18 at the beginning of July) who is also interested in traveling around Europe this summer. I'm looking to spend about three weeks in Western Europe (Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain, and England) although i'm somewhat flexible about where I travel. My friend who I was planning on traveling with has recently backed out on me so am rather desperate for a travel partner. Are you still looking for someone to travel with? if so message me so we can work out more of the details