Laides of a Certain Age European Travel ~ Let's Connect!!

Hello All ~ I am reading so many posts from ladies over 50 who want to connect and travel in Europe . . . . please count me in on any discussions or "clubs" that are initiated!! I am newly retired, healthy, athletic and enthusiastic, especially to go to Italy and then France and on to more later. My schedule is flexible, so would prefer to avoid the times that are gottest temp wise and most populated with tourists . . summer for both, I assume . . . . ?
Talk to me please :)!!!!!!!!!! ~ Sara from Cape Cod

Posted by Suzi
Tacoma, WA, USA
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I am also looking for other ladies 50+ who love to travel! I have been on many trips alone and although that is exciting and great fun, it would be even more fun to travel with others with similar interests. I am 65, healthy, with particular interests in art, history and culture. I love to walk and explore and try new things. I still work at a job I love, so have to schedule my travel ahead of time, but it is fairly flexible. I agree that spring and fall are the best travel times, but am open to that so long as it is not horribly a life-long WA state native I am most comfortable with moderate temperatures. Let's connect and see what we can plan and do!!!

Posted by Cynthia
Walker, Louisiana, USA
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Hi Sara, I am newly retired, 58 and anxious to see the world. I am healthy but slightly impaired in the climbing/long-walking area due to knee/ankle injury. I have a knee and ankle brace, pain pills and a burning desire to see the world, though. :) If there are any ladies that are maybe not too athletic, like to walk some, take trains and buses,too, please count me in. I am particularly interested in France, Italy and Ireland. Cyndie

Posted by marian
havre de grace, MD
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Hi; I am just about to turn 51. i live on the east coast. I love to travel and would love to travel with someone who also shares enthusiasm of traveling. I have extra weight on me so i'm not a hiker. I am considering going to Paris for about 5 days and than CAEN france for 2 or 3 days in june 2013. I am also considering visiting greenland in july or august either in 2013 or 2014 globus and cosmos has a spain portugal and morocco tour, about 16 days. I would love to do this between jan - march 2013. if not this part of the world, I VERY eager to see New Zealand during this titme frame. if anyone is interested in any of these suggestions or have suggestions of your owne - please let me know.

Posted by Terry kathryn
Ann Arbor, Mi
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Planning a women's trip to Bulgaria & Romania this May. A friend and I are working on getting a group together. We have previously had trips for women to France, Spain & Morocco, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico and Budapest, Prague & Vienna. We like to get a group that enjoys food, culture and traveling with women. We have had both men and women in our groups before, but would like this trip to be women only. We also like to incorporate some photo opportunities as both of us are photographers, but it is not necessary to want to take a lot of photos. Please message me and I will forward you all the details. We have had such incredible experiences and I have been to Romania before and look forward to returning, but not been to Bulgaria, but it looks beautiful.

Posted by Linda
Seattle, WA, USA
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Terry Katherine, sounds like a lot of fun. I am traveling to Savannah, Charleston, and St,Augustine in May this year but I would be interested to join your group down the road. Waz just set up a Facebook women's travel group. Check it out. Happy travels, Linda

Posted by Michelle
Lincoln, Nebraska, United States
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I am also looking for someone to travel the Amalfi Coast in July 2013 with. Heading out on my first RS tour of Venice-Florence-Rome and would like to add an addtl. 4-5 days to see Naples and the coast. We'll be celebrating my 50th birthday in Florence and would appreciate some female company close to my age so I don't need to travel alone. Im flexible on itinerary and price but have to leave Rome on July 7, 2013.

Posted by Fran
Winter Park, fl, USA
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Also putting my name in the hat. 58, semi-retired. Ready for an extended trip to Europe using rail pass.

Posted by Vikki
Burlington, washington, usa
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I am 55 and Italy has my heart. I lived in Florence two years ago for three months so know my way around there quite well, also familiar with Cinque Terre...I work in education so must take my breaks along with college students and need advance notice as well. Would love to be in on this conversation! Vikki

Posted by Shelly
Charlotte, NC, USA
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Count me in-- I'm 50, have traveled a great deal, but France is definitely my favorite. Employed, so don't have as much time as some of you. Would be open to putting something together for early May, or Sept/Oct. (1 1/2 - 2 weeks) Also on my list: Italy, Ireland, Slovenia. Last year went cycling for a week in Languedoc, plus week in Paris/Normandy. Don't mind hot weather, love walking/hiking/cycling, etc. Budget-minded (but I rarely stay in hostels anymore!).

Posted by Denise
Lake Forest, CA, USA
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So, add another gal to the list of looking for a travel partner. Having retired early, my husband promised me a yearly trip. However, he's not interested in going with me every year. I prefer to travel off season--less air miles and cooler weather. I really want to explore more of France and Italy. However, I always love to return to Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Love art and culture, however, I love to drive and explore the small, country areas of each country. Send me a personal message if you are interested.

Posted by Mary Ann
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Please count me in also. I am in my 60's. I am enter hectic and love new adventures Mary Ann

Posted by Melissa
Sacramento, CA, United States
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I am 56, active and traveling to France this July. I would love to have company, and have only just begun to plan my trip. I am hiking the first week with a friend and then no plans for the next two, other than 3-7 days in Paris, where I hope to walk and bicycle about the city. This summer I am on a bit of a budget as I am about to send my oldest son to study abroad in Tokyo. I would definitely be interested in future excursions, especially to Turkey, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Croatia and Slovenia, but open to most any destination really. I too am in education and have to travel during summer and winter breaks. I enjoy, art, history, culture, food, walking, music and city bicycling. Melissa

Posted by Julie
Chicago, IL, USA
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Count me in for future trips. I'm 53, single, active and LOVE to travel almost anywhere. I currently have a Trans Siberian train trip planned for the first 2 weeks in June and am still looking for a female travel companion. Trip starts in Moscow and ends in Beijing.

Posted by Leslie
Vancouver, BC, Canada
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Hi all, I am 66 recently retired professor, very fit and so far only a few grey hairs. I travel to Europe every year with a younger friend who is still working, so would love to connect with a new friend(s) who wants to visit Europe in the fall. We go every June, which has been, of course, fabulous. I usually visit Paris, Nice, Florence and Tuscany,and have hiked the Cinque Terre several times. Somewhere new? Thinking of October but have a flexible schedule. I usually travel fairly modestly - rent apartments for example - but spend my money on good food, and of course, the requisite glass of delicious French or Italian wine.
Leslie from Vancouver, Canada

Posted by K.A.
Los Lunas, New Mexico, United States
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hi, sara and all... i'm so glad i stumbled across this post/thread. i am a 60 y.o. single woman, planning my first-ever trip to europe for september. i'm planning this first trip to ireland, and traveling with an escorted tour company (getting my feet wet, letting them figure out the details this first time around) i am looking for a travel partner to avoid the dreaded "single supplement." and i am hoping in the future to make more trips under fewer constraints, so the idea of connecting with women here is very appealing. i am retired, healthy but not very athletic "moderate" activity is more appealing than "challenging." i'm also interested in traveling in off-peak times to avoid crowds and the heat. ireland will be my first destination. in future trips i'm interested in italy, greece, the netherlands and scandinavia, spain, portugal, maybe france, maybe germany, pretty much most of europe, including eastern europe. i'm hoping to make one trip per year for the next decade or longer if possible. i'm interested in art, art history, sampling local culture and cuisine, adventure without danger =:oD not big on shopping (don't need more "stuff") also more interested in spending more days in fewer places, to get a feel for a location. (not seeking "if this is tuesday, we must be in paris" kind of whirl-wind adventures.) not independently wealthy, and don't need to have four-star accommodations. enthusiastic about stretching my cultural understanding, meeting people, experiencing new things, you know what i mean. - kathy from santa cruz

Posted by Linda
Holly, MICHIGAN, United States
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I am very interested in connecting with women who love to travel! I enjoy pretty much all aspects of travel, but lean more toward the more active side of adventure. I am very flexible but prefer traveling in the shoulder season (Spring and Fall). We have always traveled using Rick Steve's recommendations. Looking forward to hearing others ideas and plans!

Posted by Theresa
Aurora, ON, Canada
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I'm late 60's, fit, active, completing my last project as a consultant. My husband's fun money and time are devoted to golf, mine is to travel in Europe – almost always with girlfriends. For the past month I've been researching and planning an Eastern European trip for the fall (Vienna, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia) but my travel partner jumped at an opportunity do the El Camino this year instead. My love is the community ambience of Europe, I love exploring not just the landmarks of the cities but wandering the lanes and backstreets. I zero in on the important pieces of a church or museum but would rather have a glass of wine in the square and watch the action while I write a postcard than walk a hall of statues. Most of all I enjoy driving the country and exploring the smaller cities and towns, again just for that flavour. I'm a pretty flexible travel partner (can provide references to that), I do lots of advance research, make some definite plans but like to 'go with the flow' during the trip.

Posted by Shelly
Charlotte, NC, USA
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Hi all!
Made a general post here a few months ago, but am now hoping to crystalize real plans for travel to France Sept 2013 ... but can only convince myself I can afford it if I have a great travel companion to share cost of hotel/apartment, maybe even a rental car for a few days, etc. Does this sound appealing to anyone? One or two like-minded travel partners would be great! Right now (because of when I can find the cheapest flights) looking at departing U.S. on Sept. 5, returning Sept. 16 (flying in/out of Paris). Would love to spend 4-5 days in Paris, open to location balance of time (Provence, Alsace, Burgundy, ???). When in Paris, love to walk, walk, and walk/explore some more. Typically book modest accommodations (2* or so, or apartment). Haven't booked flights yet, but like to finalize in next week or so, if possible ... Message me if this sounds appealing :)

Posted by Linda
Holly, MICHIGAN, United States
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Hi Shelley, Sent you a pm but have since had a slight change in my schedule. I need to be back by the 13 of Sept. Any chance you would look into leaving a bit earlier?

Posted by Carol
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Hello All, I am a young-person-of-that-certain-age that would entertain the idea of connecting with others. I am currently planning to go to Southern France/Dordogne at the end of August 2013; however, I will finalize my plans in about 3 weeks as I may change jobs. Maybe we could meet up? I would like to connect to those that have the spirit of adventure! I must add that I met a lady on this Website and we have become dear friends. She had a very good experience with those that she met in Paris a couple of years ago. Carol
Denver, CO

Posted by Shelly
Charlotte, NC, USA
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Linda: Please forgive me - I've been slammed at work this week and haven't had a chance till now to respond. Timing-wise I'd "like" to leave earlier/weekend before Labor Day or so, but the fares are several hundred dollars more than what I can get leaving on Sept. 5 (haven't bought it yet). I'm sorry!! Carol: I'm definitely interested in either the Dordogne or Provence (and I have an adventurous spirit) -- I could head down there for 1st half of my trip before last 4-5 days in Paris. Linda: If Carol's getting there in late August, maybe you two could join up before I arrive? How long are you traveling for, Carol? I'll PM both of you and give you my email, if we decide we want to continue discussions/possible planning?

Posted by Carole
Pierrefonds, Quebec, Canada
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Hello ladies, since I retired, I have been traveling with my husband, girlfriends and alone. My husband prefers staying home with our dogs and we (girlfriends) are planing a German trip this fall.I am looking at going alone to the south of France at the beginning of June but my research indicates using public transport to visit is not recommended. So for me, it's either going on a organized group tour or renting a car. I would prefer renting and doing my own sightseeing buy I do not want to drive alone. So I just found this site and I'm giving it a try. I am 61, non smoker, very active, enjoy as much culture, history and nature. (city and country). I like to prepare for my trips but leave time for R&R. Good local food and wine are part of my trips and getting to know the locals. I like to rent apartments and would want my own bedroom (not sharing a room). If this sounds appealing to you, get in touch and we can take it from there. Regards,

Posted by Betsey
New England
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Hi, I'm not over 50, but nearly there :-) I've taken solo trips to the UK, but would like to go further afield some day. My schedule is limited to travel in the summer, but that could justify the effort of finding the cooler, less touristy spots, perhaps? I saw a post of wanting to try and start a Boston/NE third Saturday type meeting. It'd be great if it does start and some can meet in person. Cheers.

Posted by laura
winchester, ma, usa
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Hi gals; I think a Boston/NE group would be nice and meetings once a month or so is a great idea... Count me in !!

Posted by Kay
Sioux City, IA, USA
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Hello Ladies. I have traveled to Europe solo and with friends and would like to find like minded women for possibility of future trips. I am 60. Still working but like to travel in Sept or early Oct. I have been to Portugal, France, England, Italy, Spain. My friend and I are planning a trip in September to Venice (4days) then Santorini, Greece (4days) then Mykonos, Greece.(2days) Flying home out of Athens. Any one interested in joining us for all or part of our adventure?

Posted by LAURA
Vancouver, Washington, USA
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Hi Sara, I also want to start traveling and stop waiting! I haven't been to Europe at all and desperate want to go. I also would like to go to Italy, France, UK or Ireland. I'm 54, fit and easy going ... live in Washington State. Laura

Posted by Liz
Kaiserslautern, Germany
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Hi! I realize I'm not quite "of a certain age" yet since I'm 26, but I was hoping maybe someone would be interested in letting an experienced, young traveler accompany on a trip, anyways. I live in Germany working for an American company so would be able to join for weekends or possibly longer. I've already seen quite a bit of France and Germany. I would like to see more of Central Europe, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Croatia, Italy, Greece, Estonia, Finland, Poland...basically I'll go anywhere! I love to explore new places and try new foods. Very easy-going traveler with a good sense of humor :) Please send me a message if you're interested. In particular, I was hoping to find someone who would be traveling the last week of May so I can do something fun for my birthday :) Safe travels,

Posted by Anne
Orangeburg, SC, United States
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I am a healthy active 62. I want to go to Europe this summer. I am a former educator, currently a portrait photographer. I have traveled using Rick Steve's guide books, trains, and love immersing myself in the culture. Drink wine, love history, nonsmoker, a little shopping in local markets but not too much. Love exploring, talking to locals, walking, photography. Willing to share a double room. Have used R Steve's recommendations for local guides and loved it. Especially love Italy, want to revisit Cinque Terre, etc.

Posted by Popi
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Hello I live in California and i am 54 I dont smoke and i am fit I like to cycle and would love to have a woman or two or three to travel with I have often g one to france and italy and part of England and Holland but i want to now particularly concentrate on visiting sacred sites like Mont St Michel or chartres whenever I try to be part of a cycling group, they want to go like 50 miles a day at least. I could do as much as ten or two every couple of days and it would be another dream of mine to just get a bicycle and cycle ten or twenty miles and then stop in some village in france and then go on to another as the mood strikes us. so if any of this interests you do let me know
I want to go as early as June bu also know that automn in Europe is better

Posted by diane
metro Atlanta, ga, usa
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I live in the SE and also would like to have a travel companion to visit abroad and US. I am female, 50's, looking for trips next year.

Posted by Amber
Charlotte, NC, USA
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Single, female solo traveler, will be in London June 30 thru Aug 5. If anyone will be there during this time and wants to meet up for dinner or tours, let me know!

Posted by Shelly
Charlotte, NC, USA
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Hello -- my travel plans to France were put on hold due to a work conflict, but that's finally been resolved, so I've booked a flight to Paris Sept. 1, return Sept. 15. Will spend the last 6-7 days in Paris but am still undecided on 1st week (but prefer small town/big village). Anybody interested in joining me, for 1 or both weeks? Budget-modest traveler, easygoing, nonsmoker, love to be outside.
Considering Auvergne region (never been, but recommended to me), Burgundy (Beaune? maybe a day or 2 cycling?) ... or Provence or Brittany... SO hard to choose!

Posted by Diane
Westford, MA, USA
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Hi Sara and Lauren, Gretchen from Andover, MA recently organized a June meeting for New England folks. They met in Boston at a Panera. Summer is sketchy so the next one is shaping up to be September. Someone else may be hosting August but I'm not sure and following up on that now. The idea is to meet the third Saturday of each month. There are RS informal meeting groups all across the country. The Topic is posted under Helpline section titled "Any interest in a Boston/NewEngland Saturday meeting?" You can post a PM to Gretchen there:
Name, email & phone contact if you want for her. Happy travels!

Posted by magaly
LOS ANGELES, California, United States
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Hello Sara, I am planning to go to Prague & other sites in September.
Are you interested? Magaly

Posted by Not in USA
Kuwait, Not in USA, Kuwait
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I am a very young 60 (aren't we all) and I will be in London July 25, then to Paris on July 30 until 2 August. I am looking for travel buddies! Nikki- expat teacher in Kuwait

Posted by Traci
San Francisco, CA
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Stuttgart, Germany Sept. 30 - Oct. 2nd anyone? I'm a American woman in her early 50's who has traveled extensively, frequently renting apartments and being frugal but not like hostels and fast food. I'm a non-smoker and also non-German speaking. I do lots of prior research online and am no longer interested in the overcrowded towns that Rick Steves promotes in his books. I can handle some walking but have minor limitations due to arthritis. During the first week of October, I'm considering stopping in Stuttgart, Germany for two nights (either Mon/Tues or Wed/Thurs) to attend their Oktoberfest called the Cannstatt Beer festival /Cannstatter Volkesfest in Neckar Park, Stuttgart, running from 27 September until 13 October 2013. Stuttgart hosts the second largest Oktoberfest after Munich, but instead of being full of Brits, Americans, and Aussies, the one in Stuttgart attracts lots of Germans who are there to enjoy some food, music, and the beer tents. It's much easier to visit during the week because weekends are very crowded. Mon/Tues Sept. 30-Oct. 2 may be the best because Wednesdays are family days at the festival and I want to avoid all the kids. I am planning on renting an apartment within a short walking distance of the festivities. Since I am traveling around southern Germany by train, I will not be driving a car. If you want to experience Oktoberfest but NOT in Munich, consider getting together with me there.

Posted by Gloria
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Hi all, I am single, retired, 59, non-smoker, mostly travel solo around Europe but it would be nice to meet up for outings or travel with someone. This fall (2013) I am going from Oct 28-Jan 23 (starting in London for 6 days), then to Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Germany, France - Christmas markets galore from mid Nov onward and my reason for going at that time of the year! Europe is wonderful through the Advent season). My free time will be Oct 30-Nov 3 in London; Nov 15-18 in Vienna; Nov 20-Dec 2 in Budapest; Dec 4-5 in Salzburg; Dec 18-21 in Paris - and Dec 22-Jan 22 in Nice and area. If anyone is also traveling during any of those dates and would like to meet up to go exploring, dine out, visit museums, galleries, etc..please send me a private message.
Cheers! Gloria

Posted by Peggy
orlando, fl, usa
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Hello my name is Peggy. I live in Orlando and am 57 years old and a recent widow. I am interested in traveling to Europe next year and would also like to travel to Japan if anyone interested. I am excited to find this post and would like to hear from anyone interested in meeting up overseas. I have traveled many different ways from good hotels to bad hotels. I can go either way but prefer to just wing it. I like to go where the wind takes me but am open to tours also. I just want to get my travel shoes back on. I would like to hear from anyone that would be open to me meeting up with them. I like to experience the culture of a country at a slow pace, and prefer things off the beaten path. I am open to car or train travel.