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June, Ireland, England, Norway, Sweden female travel partner

Hi I'm (Mrs.) Heidi,
I'm planning a backpacking heritage/ cultural discovery trip in June. Where I'm looking forward to meet rural locals, not just tourist areas. I'm looking for a female between 18-80 years old to travel with me on my solo trip. She would like to walk around a lot, walk an average 3 mph, be willing to be on her feet at least 7 hrs. a day and self funded.

She can either be with me for 1 day, or 1 country, or the whole trip, your choose where. Save time planning your trip and come with me. I'm planning out all the details. I know what I want to go see and do, but I'm flexible which day we go where, in each country. I'm comfortable traveling solo, but would enjoy spending part of the day together going out during the daytime. We can also separate and meet-up later. Whichever is best for both of us in the moment.

Here's an Estimate of dates, but ask me for updates:

This June 2016 Arrive dates: Days there:


8-9th Ireland 5

13th England 5

18th Norway 4

22nd Sweden 7

28-29th Home =

(Seattle,WA, U.S.A.) 21 days

Top sites examples:

  • Mostly explore rural historical alive towns and cultures.

Only cities Dublin, Manchester, edge of London and Stockholm.

  • Festivals, events and subcultures.

  • Sweden Mid-summer-fest

  • A few living history museums.

Who am I ?

I'm a married 30 or so year old, entrepreneur who is adventurous. Who loves learning through exploring new places and cultures. I travel light, with one carry-on backpack. I know how to travel on a tight budget. I stay in Hostels, and a few Hotels. I'm paying for myself only. I enjoy cooking, cleaning, planning, and staying organized in the evenings. Ready to get up and go out in the morning to explore some more. I like to stop from walking around once in awhile and draw a quick doddle in my pocket size journal, as fast as you can take a good picture. This trip theme is to learn how to celebrate my European heritage with their culture history. I'm willing to meet in person in a public place before our trip if needed I live near Seattle, WA, U.S.A.

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Hi Heidi, I just read your post. I have been dreaming of Ireland and England and Norway for a long time now, particularly Ireland and England. I am 57, very active and carry "light" also. Just started traveling about 4 years ago. I work, so would have to arrange to get up to 3 weeks off work. I'm ok with only doing a portion with you or let's discuss. I live in Vancouver, Washington. Please communicate if you are interested.

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You sound like a great travel buddy for me. Would you like my amount of days in each country? 4days Ireland, 5 days in England, 4 days in Norway? If you want more or less days we can meet-up again in the next city or country. What do you think?

On my "top sites examples" (above) which ones would you like to visit one time or one in each country? What's your main theme of travel? top interests?

Are you more interested in country & nature, or a big city only girl?

Thank you for replying,

Here's what I'm doing this week. Let me know if you want me to tell you before I buy tickets, so we can ride together if you want.

I'm searching for international plane tickets this week,
Seattle-Dublin about June 8th
and back home Sweden-Seattle June 28th about.

Later I'll buy short flights:
Dublin- a city in England, maybe Manchester, ( I saw one for $12. I laughed and couldn't believe it. I should of bought them)
Then wonder around England, then head towards another cheap airport near, not in London.
London-Southern Norway airport.

I'm getting excited!!! I've been wanting to go to these countries for years now.

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Hi, I sent you a private message. Please check your email.

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Hey, Heidi!

Our itineraries only seem to cross paths in Norway on the 18th (plus I tragically do not fulfill the female requirement on your application), but since you mention that you are journeying to more "rural historical alive towns" than city centers, I am curious if you might mind sharing which towns you are looking to visit? With more time on my own trip, I'm looking to visit both cities and countryside but have not done as much research on the latter to this point.

Thanks + happy traveling!

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Hi Brandon, Thank you for your message. If you're ok with just being daytime, staying in public places, kind of travel buddy, and nothing more (I'm married) than all is good. I'm not sure what rural towns I'm interested in yet, but any historic, non-tourist swamped town. That's on my path to Sweden by train, would be nice. Maybe the pre-mid-summerfest or other events would be cool to come across.
I do know, I'm going from Oslo or Bergen, to central (Northern) Sweden. If you could imagine a train route that direction. I'll send you a message before then, for an update of where I'm going, so if we cross paths on plans we could rent bicycles for a few hour ride in a rural town or something like that to view the town. -Heidi