June-August Europe

Looking for a Europe travel partner...female only please! Headed through Italy/France/Switzerland/Czech...possibly the UK. Basically I have a plan, but all my travel partners are backing down now that it's time to put money on it all! I am a 22 yr old female from the US, about to graduate college, and just can't wait to get out there and see some of the world!

Posted by Adrienne
Reno, NV, United States
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Hi, I am in the same boat as you... 22 yrs old, about to graduate, looking for the trip of a lifetime. I am obviously on a bit of a budget so I am hoping to go through hostels and what not. My plan is to leave in early June and return early August. I am hoping to follow a trip itinerary similar to this one: http://www.bakpakguide.com/europe/tripideas/backpacking-trips/grand-tour-of-europe.shtml#.USRhM9zrmyC This seems to hit just about every essential destination in europe, and can be done easily in 2 months. I think it would be best to fly into london, as flights are pretty cheap into heathrow.
Let me know if you are interested. ~Adrienne

Posted by Cassie
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
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Hey Morgan and Adrienne, First off, Adrienne we are both in NV how awesome! Secondly I would love to meet up with either of you if our stays overlap. I'll be there late May to mid August flying in through London, hitting France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, and Greece. Then side trips as it strikes me. :D I am 25 years old and going solo before I begin Grad school. PM me so we can chat! ~Cassie

Posted by Melissa
Boston, MA, USA
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Hello everyone, I'm also about to graduate, and the same thing is happening to me--everyone is backing down! I'm planning on backpacking Spain-southern France-Switzerland-Austria and staying in hostels. I'll probably also buy a Eurorail pass. Would anyone like to meet up? I'd be thrilled to have some company, even if its only for a week when we end up in the same country. I'll be traveling June 2-Aug 2. Best,

Posted by Morgan
New York, New York, USA
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ALL three of you!!! sounds PERFECT! I already booked- flying into Athens (cheapest flights I could find!) on June 10, and flying out of Paris August 1. I would love to do England, Ireland, Scotland, but think my budget will be too tight to enjoy a longer trip!!! I don't know how to contact you guys personally, but I would absolutely LOVE to be in touch because we all seem to have the same idea in mind!... how can we get in touch without posting personal info? Thanks for your responses!

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Morgan, underneath peoples posted name is "send private message",, click on that and you can then message people off the public board.

Posted by Laura
Garden City, MI, USA
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Hey all. I'm headed to Europe July 8-28....I've got some set plans in Italy with a friend but I'm looking to travel to Switzerland, possibly Germany and anywhere else in that general area before I meet up with another friend in Norway.....I'm 32/F and just want some good company!! Message me!

Posted by Mona
Houston, TX, USA
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Hey! Ill be flying into London July 2-Prague July 22 everything I can manage in between! I'm 26/f looking forward to new adventures and new friends! Hopefully our trips will overlap Mona

Posted by Akshay
Mumbai, India
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HEY!!! I'm Akshay 26 male from India. I'm planning to visit Amsterdam,France,Germany,Belgium and Italy from 3 to 15 august 2013.I am would be travelling solo for the first time.I am willing to join if u dont mind.. Let me know...

Posted by Jeanie
Vancouver, Canada
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Hi Morgan,
I am a 22 year old female from Canada and I'm looking for a Europe travel partner or activity partner for August! I will be going to Italy and France so if that's what your plan is let me know and we can coordinate something.