join our private tour of vatican art/sistine chapel - week of sept. 24

My husband, myself, and our 6-month old baby will be doing a tour of the Vatican's art collection, Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter's Basilica with Context Travel ( Our tentative date/time is September 25 at 8:00 a.m. Due to the 6-month old baby, we must do a private tour as opposed to the less-expensive group tour. The price for a private tour is 390 Euro for up to 6 people. We are definitely going to do this tour whether or not we are successful in soliciting other participants - i.e., your joining us would be doing us a favor - so we would make it worth your while by asking you to pay 60 Euro each. The price per person for the regular group tour is 85 Euro. (These prices don't include the 19 Euro adult entry fee, in either the group or private tours.) We have toured with Context before and their guides are outstanding.
I'm sure there are people reading this who are rolling their eyes in terror or disbelief at the thought of a Vatican tour with a 6-month old child - I would request that they just ignore this post, move on, and kindly refrain from posting a scathing critique of our travel plans. We would be happy to have another family with small children join us, or anyone else who doesn't mind the baby factor in exchange for a big discount on a private tour. If you're interested but September 25 doesn't work, we may be able to do it on another day between Sept. 25 and Sept. 29.

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How did the tour with Context Travel workout? We are taking our grandparents in early June and looking for a family friendly tour operator. Thank YOU!!

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We enjoyed it but I have a few observations. Context Tours are expensive! You're paying for the guide AND a cut for the company itself. Although we've always had good guides with Context, we had a private guide elsewhere in Rome that we booked individually - instead of through Context or another company - and really liked. In fact, she works independently AND sometimes for Context. Here is her contact info: Giovanna Terzulli art historian and licensed guide Rome - Italy Mob. +39 3397425366 Of our 2 guides in Rome, my husband preferred our Context guide on the Vatican Tour and I preferred Giovanna, who toured with us at the Forum and Palatine Hill. I am sure Giovanna would give a great Vatican tour and everything you paid would go directly to HER with nothing going to an "employer" or other third party. You would have absolute flexibility with date, time, agenda, etc.
One caveat you probably already know - you're cutting it a little close time-wise for activities in June (peak tourist time), both with private guides and Context, so try to make plans ASAP. Lastly, I would DEFINITELY recommend having a guide or tour of some kind at the Vatican - especially if you have any people with mobility or endurance limitations in your group. We are experienced travelers but we would have been totally overwhelmed by the size and scope of the place and our inability to understand and appreciate on our own what we were seeing nearly as well as we did with a guide. The guide was invaluable in navigating and explaining and I know we enjoyed it 100% more than if we'd been on our own - worth every penny! Good luck and enjoy!