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January/February Travel partner to (almost) anywhere

Hi all! I have recently graduated from university (this past semester).
I am thinking about traveling January/February 2015 (destination undetermined). Any ideas?
I am also willing to act as a travel companion/flight companion or chaperone if anyone is looking for one :)
Although I am in my twenties, I have traveled quite a bit (Europe x3, Mexico, the Caribbean, some of the USA; 4 trips solo) and know locations quite well that I have traveled to (approximately 30 countries). I speak English, Spanish, Italian (and a bit of French and German- but just a small bit).
If anyone is looking for a travel mate or wishes to have someone assist them in their travels, feel free to send me a message! Let the travel bucket list be checked off!

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I'm a 26yr old female , just finished med school and was also looking for a travel companion.. I have a few travel trips I want to take..
South American Trip, India/Nepal trip, and a trip to China,Japan and Tibet together..
I'm available to leave whenever as I have nothing to do until I start my residency in June..

let me know! email me