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ITALY, late April to mid-May -- middle-aged or senior travel companion(s)

Seek travel companion(s) for Italy this spring: I am researching and putting together a trip to Italy this spring that can be joined wholly or in part. The full dates are April 23 to May 18--about a week each in Rome and Venice, followed by Ravenna, Assisi, with Tuscany. The Ravenna-Assisi part might be interesting to someone who has already seen the major cities in Italy. I think the sightseeing (art and architecture, museums and palaces) will be absolutely gorgeous, Venice will be very atmospheric and the beginnings and ends of the day, and the small towns and countryside will be charming in May. Lesser-known Ravenna has eight UNESCO cited heritage sites with gorgeous Byzantine-style mosaics.

Travel between locations is by train, except for one car transfer. Lodging will be separate lodging (hotel, guesthouse) that I can help to find in the same neighborhoods where I will be staying. Sightseeing and meals can be any combination of independently or together. So it's a blend having some things researched and provided but also having the freedom of independent travel, and there are some cost savings.

Please don't hesitate to write with any questions. I have more information that I can send. I have traveled similarly--independent travel with one or two middle aged or senior travel companions (my age group)--to about 20 countries worldwide. I'm in Seattle in the US, and my academic background includes art history.

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