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Is Uber service in Italy safe and reliable?

I’m a female traveling solo in April to Italy
I’m wondering if anyone knows more about Uber service in Italy or should I just set up taxi service ?
I’m looking for service from Fco to hotel
On another day from Naples to sorrento .
Thank you all

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I'm prejudiced against Uber, but it's a fact that licensed yellow taxis tend to be more "regulated" than the disobedient Bro's of Silicon Valley. Do you follow Uber's instructions to read the vehicle license number of your pickup, and to determine if the driver knows your first name without telling him? That said, we would know if people had been abducted (?) from the taxi line at FCO. You need to be prudent, but what is your exact reason for concern?

We used our hotel in Sorrento to refer us to their land services provider, which we could charge to our room. We felt that company would have strong incentive to provide reliable service, and it worked great. In Naples, you are much more likely to be overcharged or charged for luggage pieces that are included in a flat-rate trip. You should download the Naples taxi sheet so that you can wave it if your driver asks for extra charges. Zillions of people take car services and taxis from Naples to Sorrento every day. This is not a high-risk location for personal safety.

Please tell us if you have been to Europe before. Are you maybe talking about this?

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From FCO to your hotel, you can take a flat-rate taxi for €50, as long as your hotel is “within the Aurelian Walls”. Just about all of downtown Rome is, but you can check a map to be sure. You can find maps of the Aurelian walls online; this is a decent one:

This fixed rate is only with an “official” Comune di Roma taxi, which is white with a maroon-red medallion.

Here is the official rate sheet. Scroll down to Fixed rates” on the second page, in English.

If you google “Rome airport taxis” will get all kinds of confusing information, most of which is about private car services or private taxi companies, such as one named Rome Airport Taxi. So be careful what you read. There is good information (with an outdated price) in the first section, “From the Airport” on this website:

Basically, you walk from the arrivals area to the official taxi stand, which is marked “Taxi”, and join the queue if there is one. Ignore anyone who tries to offer you a taxi on the way. As you wait your turn, observe that all the taxis in line are white with the maroon medallion. There is usually someone official in charge of the line of taxis and people. When it is your turn, go to the next taxi in line and tell the driver you want the fixed rate to your hotel.

We did this 3 weeks ago and it was easy.

The other option is to book a private car service which will meet you at the airport and take you. You should ask here for recommended companies for that service, and then get a rate quote.

I don’t know how or of Uber works in Italy, but personally I would be leery of using them.

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I use Uber in the States but I mostly stick to regulated taxis in Europe as I feel they are just as good a value and more regulated than the Uber overseas.

Just an FYI that there is also ferry service between Naples and Sorrento.

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There is no UBER in Italy, if you use the app in the few cities where it works you'll get either a licensed cab working on the meter or a licensed limo driver working for a fixed fare.

To be honest, I see no reason to overcomplicate things: walk to the taxi line outside the arrivals at FCO and get on the first car in the line.

Show your credit card and any eventual dishonest cabby would immediately discover his device is broken and let you pick the next car.

Ask your hotel if they are inside the 50 Euro fixed fare area. Trust them and not the driver.

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The first time I ever used Uber was in Italy. I always got a luxury car, never had a problem. I had also never used a Taxi before Italy and had no problem finding the a Taxi Stand, you can't just hail one down you must use the official taxi stands which are all over the tourist areas, tons of taxi's just lined up with a person that controls the people and cars telling you which one to get into. I was in an AirBNB and did not understand when I tried to call and order a Taxi, if I was in a hotel i would have just asked the front desk to get me one. I don't know if there is an app, like in Paris where you just order one online. I never felt taken advantage of in Uber or taxi. At FCO there will be an official taxi que, just follow the signs and don't take a ride from anyone shouting at you if you want a ride.
From Naples to Sorrento you can hire a private driver or take the train. Sounds like you can take a taxi also, but that would not be my 1st choice.

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the luxury car was because it was it was Uber Black with a chauffeur - normal uber isn't allowed in Italy