Ireland - May or June

Looking for another female to travel with to Ireland. Hoping to take a 10 night B&B type driving trip originating and ending in Dublin. I've never been there. I am 55, married and a non-smoker. I will be flying out of Chicago. Prefer not to have to travel solo.

Posted by laura
winchester, ma, usa
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Hi Kelley Thinking of doing Scotland this year but have been to Ireland 9 or 10 times...have distant cousins there. though you might like a few tips.. Dont try driving in is very conjested...there are day tours which are great and you can take the train or bus across the country in 6 hours or so...galway is a great point to stay for a couple of days and there are several day tours from downtown Galway...Jurys Inn is economical hotel...the Aran isles of the coast of Galway will put you back in time REAL slow, no cars..if you must rent a car do it in Galway...get an is crazy over there...i drive in Boston and i FOUND THE DRIVING SCARY GOOD LUCK
laura from Boston

Posted by Kelly
Kenosha, wisconsin, USA
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Thanks Lauraso having been to Ireland a few times do you think it would be "ok" to travel there alone? Also, have you ever taken any of the bus tours and if so would you recommend them? If I can't find anybody to go with, I am thinking I might try a tour for my first trip so I don't have to worry about any of the driving.

Posted by Susmita
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I would love to join ,but driving is not my way. Is it possible by train? And how much will it cost please let me know. Thank you

Posted by LAURA
Vancouver, Washington, USA
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I've been wanting to go to Ireland and the UK also. I'm 54, single, active and easy going. Tired of waiting on others, but would prefer not go go by myself. I live in Washington State.

Posted by Kelly
Kenosha, wisconsin, USA
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Thanks for the repliesI am in Ireland now at the airport waiting for my flight home. Ended up with a CIE tour so although I was alone I was also with a group. I got to see a lot of Ireland this way but I was frustrated by trying to take pictures in a moving bus! Also the schedule is quite restricted so had very little time to explore on my own. Loved the history but disappointed by the lack of green....I expected to be dazzled but aside from the wonderful stone fences and cottages ot looked like wisconsin in the summer. Great weather for the 9 complaints on that.

Posted by Connie
Kelowna, BC, Canada
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Let me know how your trip works out. I will be traveling solo to Ireland in Sept of the year for 3 weeks..perhaps driving. I am 55, not married, non-smoker non-drinker. I will be flying out of Vancouver.