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Interest in Classical Music Pilgrimages to Europe?

Would people out there be interested in taking classical music-oriented trips to Europe? I'm talking about a series of concerts in one or several cities over a week to two weeks, with daytime activities that relate to the music and composers or musical history of the city somehow...walking in the footsteps of the composers, eating where they ate, seeing what they saw, visiting their residences. While no one would need a music degree to enjoy this sort of excursion, it would be for serious classical music lovers, ie, no Strauss Waltzes and Vivaldi chestnuts performed by people in wigs and coattails. Visits to old instrument museums, lectures, meeting the artists up close, Q&A sessions, etc. Would this be interesting to people or is it too "geeky"?

Would love to hear feedback.

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You mean if I go along, I WON'T have to listen to the Four Seasons along the Blue Danube?! That'd be a promise to me, not a threat!

Seriously, I'd kill for a chance to do this! I planned part of my solo trip in 2012 around the concerts and operas I found in Germany (Leipzig {Bach on Maundy Thursday in his church by his choir! Parsifal on Good Friday}, Der Rosenkavalier at the Komische Oper in Berlin}, Budapest (La Traviata), and one of the most fabulous concerts I've ever heard, Dvorak 8th and 9th by the Czech Phil in the Dvorak Hall at the Rudolfinum in Prague. I'd LOVE to try to top that!

But alas, I can't do it alone any longer and I seriously doubt I could persuade my SO to go along... "too much of the same thing" was her response once when I suggested a several-week art-focused tour to France!

But I sure did salivate when I found your message, and for your sake I hope you find some takers even if I can't be one of them!