I need a companion to go to Paris and Europe in May 2013

Hi - I was planning on going to Europe for 3 weeks with my daughter in May but now she got a job and can't go. I could postpone it and try to find someone to go with in the Fall but I have been putting off some things (volunteering at the animal shelter, looking for a part time job, etc.) until after the trip. I realize this is very short notice. My plan was to fly to Paris, rent a car and travel around France, Italy and Germany. I have a short list of things I definitely want to see but I'm open to suggestions. I am 61, retired and on the heavy side, so I don't plan to backpack, hike for miles or climb lots of stairs. If this appeals please message me ASAP. Beth

Posted by Susmita
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Beth, I would love to join but not more than9 days. How about by train, not sure how will it be driving over there. Please let bme know the approximate cost of the trip. Thank you

Posted by Laurie Beth
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Beth, how I wish I could go with you. I am always looking for a travel companion. Have you driven in Europe before? If it is only you or you and one other person you really should consider a train or a rail/car pass, depending on your itinerary. I find it so much more relaxing to take public transportation and use my train time to catch up on my journal, review my photos, plan for my next stop, etc. And, I don't have to worry about getting gas at a kiosk without a chip and pin credit card, or driving by accident through a dreaded ZTL or having my car broken in to.

Posted by Beth
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Hello Susmita and Laurie - I found a travel partner here, but she had to cancel due to family obligations. Because I was determined to go in May, but didn't want to go alone, I booked a 15 day Viking River Cruise that begins in Budapest and ends in Amsterdam. I fear it will be a bit faster than I planned to travel, but hopefully worth the cost. I depart for Budapest tomorrow. Viszlat -

Posted by Laurie Beth
Was MN, now TX
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Let's share experiences with Viking when you return. I took the Grand European Cruise last May in the opposite direction. I had a mostly good experience, but will try another cruise line if I go on a river cruise again. You will enjoy the actual cruising, although you do get a little tired of all the locks. You will also enjoy all the daily excursions to the wonderful villages. I was on the Prestige and my cabin was very satisfactory. Please write a trip report when you return.