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i am Peter in my 60s

would anyone like a White straight male for travel companion i do not smoke and only drink socially i have a great sense of humour i am single with a great Personality i am looking for Lady any age who will pay all expenses

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"I am looking for (a) Lady of any age who will pay all expenses". Aren't we all, Peter?

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no everyone is not and there are lots of ladies or gentlemen who have booked holidays and partners have left them so other than have
ticket wasted they will take someone

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"All expenses" would seem to indicate more than just a "ticket wasted", doesn't it? And most times, a ticket that wasn't used has at least some value on another flight.

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I would think that you'll need to pump up your resume a bit if you really want some success in this.

Fluency in some languages, to act as interpreter?
Certified Sommelier who can open doors in Burgundy?
Guaranteed to be flatulence free in any situation?

Just a 'fun guy' might not close the deal. But good luck with it.

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When I was younger I did have a woman in my life who paid all expenses. She was my mother.

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Wow, let us know if there are any excess offers.

And let me assure you that no one will doubt that you have a great sense of humor.