Hiking/Traveling Through Europe May 18-June 30

Hello All!!! I am flying into Zurich on May 18th, and have to be back on May 31st. I am trying to go on a hiking excursion that starts in one country and ends in another- Switzerland/Germany, Switzerland/France, Switzerland/Italy, or France/Italy. There are 4-8 days long hut-to-hut trips that include room and board. I want to do a shorter trip because I would also like to try to take a train to Amsterdam, Bruges, Prague, or other interesting neighboring cities after the hike. I am 23 years old and a girl. I just graduated from college. I am looking for other college- aged people who have lots of energy and are willing to go on an adventure!!! Let me know if this interests you!!! -Joanna

Posted by Naila
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Hi Joanna! I was so excited when I read your post. I'm a 19 year old sophomore in college and I'm an active member of the outdoors club in my university. I'll be in Switzerland may 23rd and I would love to go on a hike during my stay there. I'll be staying in Geneva. Hope to hear from you! Naila