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Hiking Partners - Cinque Terre

I will be traveling solo to Italy next July and plan to visit Cinque Terre. I will be staying in Monterosso from July 21-23 (arriving 7/21, checking out 7/24). I plan to hike the entire coastal (#2) trail and I would prefer to do it all in one day. I am a 58 year old female and I run 30-35 miles per week along with some lifting and occasional biking so I am in decent shape. I am looking to do the hike at a solid but not hard pace, taking photos and stopping to see the cities on the way (along with drinking a beer or two at the end).

If anyone will be in that area and would like to hike join me on the hike, please let me know. I don't mind hiking alone but some company would also be nice (for both safety and fun!). Thanks and happy travels!

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Sue you will have a blast.

I have hiked the trails a couple times, Monterosso to Vernazza, then the high trails. After I hiked the first years I told myself that I would not be in such a rush the when i hiked them again. The following years, I have taken my time and stopped to smell the roses so to speak, taking in the scenery. It was a much nicer experience and felt much less like I was checking off a box.

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