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Campervan companian wanted for 2015 European trip

I would like to know if this site may be used in finding a companion to travel Europe during the coming year in a campervan.
There are not many countries I have not traveled in a motorhome or campervan, worldwide.
The trip I am now planning, covering most of Europe, would be from March to September 2015 and commencing in the Netherlands with the Algarve in Portugal the final destination.

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you may not have to worry about visas on a six month trip in the Schengen area - maybe you are a European citizen - but most readers here would not be able to spend 6 months in the Schengen area.

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You would have to carefully plan your time in order to avoid spending more than 90 days total in the Schengen zone. You could do that by spending time in Europe, but outside the zone (i.e. UK, Ireland, or parts of eastern Europe) but that presents problems in transporting the vehicle, and recordkeeping to avoid overstaying.

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Yes, diamondheck, this is the place to post you are looking for a companion traveller.