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Georgia & Azerbaijan - The Far Back Door

My partner and I have about 17 days penned in for Georgia and Azerbaijan from the start of August 2013. We'll actually be on the road in Europe for several months so we're not been able to form firm details as yet. Hopefully it will involve the capital cities of each country Tbilisi and Baku, which just hosted the 2012 Eurovison finals and looked great. Plus time on the Black Sea coast, in the high mountains and some secondary rural or coastal cities along the way. We're 2 early 30's IT professionals taking a career break. As experienced and active travellers our objectives are pretty middle of the road - we're up for most adventures or to just go with the flow from the cultural arts, a night out with the locals, bicycle tour or mountain hike. We'll budget on the cheaper side for what's usual for Europe but this should go further in these countries. We're not interested in getting right off the track for the sake of it or setting money stretching records. We'll use the local / every day inter-city transport services. Give me a yell if you are interested.