Fruhlingsfest Munich 2012

We will be in Munich from May 2-5, 2012 if anyone is interested in grabbing a beer (or 3) at the Fruhlingsfest! We are 40ish year old males interested in a couple of great beers, good food, and a fantastic evening.

Posted by dolores
union, nj, United States
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just a heads up, i see you are from Atlanta so Im sure you have been to Helen Ga fests before. Anyway we just got back from Munich, My advice on weekend at night the 2 beer tents have long lines of 20 year olds to get in, not as mixed as Helen crowd. go during the day to the beer tents Augustiner & Hippodrome, at night go midweek. then no problem getting in, its a lot of fun. its like a county or state fair with amusement rides, one adult ride to try is beer carousel. Also Hofbrauhaus in downtown is fun, its touristy but so what have to go! & be sure to wander around the building go upstairs and snoop around, also try Augustiner beer garden a few blocks from train station, good food, not too lively in pouring rain last week but maybe it will liven up i think you will have better weather

Posted by Rob
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
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Thanks for the advice Dolores, but this is my 3rd trip to Munich in 4 years. I went to the Fruhlingsfest in 2010 as well. I agree, the crowds can get bad. I plan to go the day I arrive (Wednesday) and maybe one more time before I leave. I'm sorry you had such bad weather.

Posted by Sarah
Stuttgart, Germany
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Would that I could, but Stuttgart's Fruhlingsfest is taking up most of my time right now. :D Prost!