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France, Italy, Germany, etc May/June

I'm planning on heading to Europe around May 12 and I am open until May 31, when I need to meet a friend in Paris. I am looking at Italy, Germany/Austria/Switzerland, and Southern France. I have no particular order in mind, but would like to book flights sooner rather than later ($$$). My budget isn't unlimited, and would likely stick to hostels and fewer restaurant meals and more market browsed meals. I'd like to book EasyJet soon to get cheap flights, but am also open to rails. I would like to balance my travels equally between tourist attractions (history, museums, etc.) and culture (markets, countryside areas, personal interactions). I am a 21 year old male college student. I'm up for travelling with a male or female partner(s), probably between the ages of 18 and 27. Best,

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Hi Will, you could try posting on as well. Good luck with your trip, Alex.

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Hi Will, I'm a 19 year old Indonesian college student studying in Boston, USA. I'll be staying in Geneva this late May and also planning to sightsee the hidden gemstones of Southern France (countrysides). You should check out canal du midi between Toulouse and Bordeaux. Lyon seems like a pretty cool city, not very far from Switzerland. I'd also like to travel around central Switzerland to sightsee the gorgeous mountains. Sincerely,