Evenings Out in London, Paris, Florence

Hi- My name is Melissa, a 25 year old art, food, and wine loving solo female traveler who will be in Europe for 2 months. I love traveling by myself and looking forward to it but the nights sometimes get lonely and a little awkward dining alone. I would love to meet up with others for dinner or drinks to share stories and travel experiences. So if you are another independent lady, a friendly couple, or even a family who wouldn't mind an extra daughter or sister for the night, please let me know. I'd be happy to meet any guys too but be warned this is a strictly platonic invitation :) Here is my itinerary: London Sept 7-12 Paris Sept 16-28 Florence Oct 1-26 Spain Oct 26- Nov 7 (haven't planned this part out yet) Merci, Grazie, Thanks and hope to meet you soon!

Posted by Kate
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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Hi Melissa! I'll be in Florence October 4-5. Would love to meet for a dinner or drinks. I'm a 29 year old fellow food and wine lover. Keep me posted on your plans. Cheers,