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Eurotrip May/June 2016

Hey I am 24 years old and i am planning an interrail during may/june my thoughts are be travwlling for a month. I would like to visit germany, france, italy, netherlands... But i am totally flexible when it comes cities or countries. Hope to find someone with the same plans and maybe we could do it together, please if anyone is interested just contact me.

Looking forward to hear from you.

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You will get a much better response if you mention your gender and what your expectations are of your travel partner. Good luck and have a great time,

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Thanks for the feedback.

Well I am an spanish boy who just finished his contract wih his former company. I am an industrial engineer and i would like to travel around europe since i have plenty of time. i have lived in norway and london so i kind of have a bit of international experience but i need more. Since i have time i have thought on going for a trip around the old continent. I have heard there is an option called interrail which i think could be interesting and cheap. i woud like to have someone to go with cause eventhough i am sure i would end up meeting someone it is always easier to start such a journey with somwone.

Hope with this extra info you feel more confident about my plan.

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Hi, I'm 35M and I will be traveling around Europe in June via motorcycle, staying mostly in hostels. It would be awesome to have a buddy to sight see with for a day or two if you're going to be in any of the places I will be. Below is my itinerary. Feel free to contact me if you're interested.

6/5/16-6/6/16: Frankfurt, Germany
6/6/16-6/9/16: Paris, France
6/9/16-6/13/16: Gimmelwald, Switzerland
6/13/16-6/15/16: Milan, Italy
6/15/16-6/19/16: Alta Via 1 hiking route, South Tyrol, Dolomites, Italy
6/19/16-6/21/16: Munich, Germany
6/21/16-6/22/16: Frankfurt, Germany